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The Product Release of Mi Chat Will Lead The Innovation And Development Of The 5G Era

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The Product Release of Mi Chat Will Lead The Innovation And Development Of The 5G Era

July 19
04:00 2019

On 16th July, 2019, the MI CHAT Global Media Information Press Release was officially opened at the Hilton Hotel in Malaysia. On the press release, Mi Chat Company officially launched a new instant messaging software product: MI CHAT. Daniel Chan, President of Mi Chat Company, leads everyone to focus on the era of 5G communication, looking forward to the new product as a breakthrough, leading the development and innovation of the 5G era!

At the press release, the president of Mi Chat Company delivered an important speech and gave a detailed introduction to the company’s product MI CHAT. At present, information communication enters the 5G era, people have higher requirements for the comprehensiveness of communication software, MI CHAT is also more suitable for the iteration of mobile phone hardware in the 5G era. Facing a wide range of products and highly competitive instant messaging software market, the most important function of MI CHAT is to have the functions such as: burn after reading, delivery report, peer-to-peer transmission, two-way withdrawal, and privacy group chat. It can give users a richer and more different experience.

In addition, the internet era is an open era. At present, many communication software on the market have problems such as user information leakage, which seriously affects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is worth mentioning that compared with other instant messaging software, MI CHAT pays more attention to the privacy protection of the users, so that users have no worries in the product experience. At the press release, journalists from hundreds of media around the world have experienced this communication software, and they are full of praise for its unique and diverse functions. It is considered that the market prospect of this product is considerable. Under the background of the 5G era, MI CHAT will stir the instant messaging market to bring a new technological revolution.

Subsequently, Mi Chat Marketing Director conducted a detailed analysis of the market feasibility study report. Mi Chat Marketing Director pointed out that Mi Chat’s payment method is a combination of instant messaging software and blockchain finance. The PA token obtained by the user to promote the credit is derived from the financial decentralization of the regional chain. Although the blockchain financial market is still not mature enough, relying on a strong team and strong products, Mi Chat is confident to operate stably in the regional chain ecological environment, bringing more opportunities for development. Today, Mi Chat realizes the wireless link of communication in the 5G era by creating its own ecosystem and blockchain financial ecosystem, creating a more complete resource sharing ecosystem!

The MI CHAT Global Media Information Press Release has been successfully held. The full launch of MI CHAT is also expected to be a favorable weapon for Mi Chat to occupy the communications market. Referring to the future prospects of Mi Chat Company, the president of Mi Chat Company told the reporter that on the basis of the successful launch of MI CHAT, they will add the live broadcast, short video, enterprise OA, etc. in a later stage, and develop more powerful social instant messaging software. We will strive to make our customers exceed 2 billion yuan, enabling us to realize a market value of more than 10 trillion yuan. At the same time, Mi Chat Company plans to build its own cryptoexchange in August this year, and truly lead Mi Chat users to achieve “profit sharing, market value and common prosperity”!

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