BDA – The world’s first cloud fork public chain sweeps the world

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BDA – The world’s first cloud fork public chain sweeps the world

September 10
01:18 2019

Recently, BDA, the world’s first cloud fork public chain, in the blockchain field has received great attention and praise, let’s solve the mystery of BDA.

BDA, known as BEYONE DASH, is the world’s first infrastructure chain based on the success of dash coin original chain cloud fork. The BDA Foundation was established in the United States and is dedicated to the development and management of the BDA public chain.  It is understood that the BDA Foundation has received a total of 15 million U.S. dollars of investment from the well-known blockchain investment funds DHVC, Neo Global Capital, FENBUSHI Capital, IDG Capital, etc.

BDA - The world's first cloud fork public chain sweeps the world

In addition to capital support, in this technology to create value in the society, small editor believes that we value the affirmation or BDA to the blockchain industry innovation and breakthrough?

“Unlike the hard forks of DASH Coin in the past, this time BDA changed not only the consensus mechanism, but combined with the advantages of the existing public chain platform, we re-developed the underlying source code, BDA was born to build a universal, well-supported function, high performance, easy to use, user experience, scalable blockchain 4.0 Infrastructure public chain, to create a support for a variety of chain applications of blockchain 4.0 ecosystem, to achieve DASH from coin to chain, from the blockchain 1.0 era to the 4.0 era of the leap. “BDA Public Chain CEO David introduced us.

BDA - The world's first cloud fork public chain sweeps the world

“BDA has adopted a new data structure at the underlying data structure level, enhanced patternless patternless (DAG) – hash network, enabling asynchronous parallel event consensus verification, enhancing the scalability of the system, and at the level of the distributed consensus mechanism, we have designed a secure and efficient two-tier consensus mechanism based on the enhanced DAG HashNet consensus and Byzantine consultation consensus based on random selection function, with high concurrency and fast transaction confirmation, can quickly build an ecological system for different application scenarios. At the smart contract level, BDA public chain by the implementation of molybgen virtual machines, support declarative non-Turing complete intelligent contract and for the Moses language of advanced Turing complete smart contract, can better support under-chain data access, third-party asset issuance, and can be in the form of public chain, alliance chain, private chain and other forms of landing to the real application scenario. To meet the needs of large-scale commercial blockchain,” says BDA public chain CTO Nathan.

When it comes to blockchain, we don’t all mention the digital currencies that came with blockchain, and with global policy, more and more investors are investing in digital currencies. So how do new investors measure the value of a digital currency?

Xiao editor think that the most important thing is to see the practicality of digital currency, I believe that we all know BTC and ETH, BTC as the world’s first encrypted digital currency, its market value has a certain symbolic significance, and as a truly first generation blockchain open source platform, ETH market value is based on practicality, ETH to a certain extent to promote the popularity of blockchain technology in daily life, BDA public chain is an upgraded version of ETH, whether it is transaction processing speed, developer-friendly, or user experience in terms of BDA has achieved a full range of improvements, As a blockchain 4.0 infrastructure chain developed for the global digital economy, the BDA public chain will gather a huge developer, a large DAPP group, and as a platform certification Of BDA will be fully circulated, BDA value will naturally be increased.

“Crossing higher latitudes and reinventing eternal classics” This is the BDA public chain slogan, as a blockchain technology believer, xiao xiao hope series can appear more projects like BDA public chain, because only in this way, we can enjoy the blockchain technology more quickly brought about by the convenience of life.

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