The Certified Public Accountant, Reem Kharbat, is Transforming Lives of People and Fresh Entrepreneurs Around the Globe to Foster Financial Freedom

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The Certified Public Accountant, Reem Kharbat, is Transforming Lives of People and Fresh Entrepreneurs Around the Globe to Foster Financial Freedom

November 05
23:30 2019
Reem Kharbat is a Passionate Entrepreneur and a Certified Public Accountant with 20+ Years of Professional Experience in Her Field. She is a Successful Entrepreneur, Owning Three (3) Business of Her Own. She Aims to Inspire and Assist People in Gaining Financial Freedom and Helping Entrepreneurs to Establish Their Businesses.

Delaware, United States – Reem Kharbat is a successful Certified Public Accountant, co-founder of Manzel Express, which is a property management software and Application company, a cloud-based system that can manage your properties, tenant information, maintenance requests & feedback, 3rd party services, invoicing & payments, reminders & collection in one place, and owner of Voguenest, an online store for home decor that got featured in VOGUE magazine. Currently, she is establishing her third business called “The Online Entrepreneur Accelerator,” a coaching business that will provide guidance and assistance to new entrepreneurs for planning, initiating, or executing their businesses. Her new coaching business aims to empower entrepreneurs to build and accelerate their online businesses.

Around 4 years ago, Reem Kharbat, was working as a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) and member of the board of directors for a renowned telecom group. She had traveled over 19 countries and had worked in countries like Iraq, Jordan and the continent of Africa. All of a sudden, despite being the CFO with 15+ years of experience, she was asked to quit the executive job. Not that it was difficult to find a job with such top-notch expertise and high experience but the dream of not worrying about the money, and instead work productively and creatively to impact the lives of the people made her make some tough decisions of her life. She decided to quit looking for a job and start a business-led journey of her own. Her family moved countries to countries. They ran out of money. Their savings were almost gone.

At the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, it was difficult to move forward. She realized that success is not immediate and it requires time, passion, patience, and hard work. Despite all difficulties and challenges, she was passionate enough to initiate her own successful business and not to opt for employment again and worry about money. After years of struggle and hard work, she started to study patterns and trends that most successful people, like Oprah, Bill Clinton, follow to get achieve their dreams. After reading a multitude of books of success and self-development, she came across a book entitled “Think and Grow Rich,” which helped her direct her path and amalgamate all the work and effort that she had put in to make her life financially independent. 

Today, she owns 3 businesses and has clients whom she consistently helps to elevate their business, save money, and change their lives. She traveled to countries, encountered diverse people and ideas that helped grow her own business across the globe. And she believes that it all happened after she hired a coach. She is currently writing a book and planning to launch her podcast in the month of December. Besides that, her official website ( is in progress.

This is the story of her life. You can too develop your own success story today and become a successful entrepreneur by simply identifying your inner skills and expertise.

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