Monica D. Reed releases “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless”

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Monica D. Reed releases “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the Voiceless”

January 23
21:12 2020
Monica D. Reed has released “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the VOICELESS,” a Well-Written Collaboration of Stories from Women and One Man that is ready to bring awareness to breaking the barriers within families. #BreakThroughInABook

EWING, NJ – January 23, 2020 –I Am The VOICE: Advocacy for the VOICELESS” is the creation of published author Monica D. Reed, an author, speaker, life coach, and a successful entrepreneur. This book stands as a powerful stand for the change of family, relationship, and social issues that need to be spoken of so that people can genuinely discover their true identity, purpose, and self-worth, achieve personal goals and move on to a life that is fulfilling and authentically by design.

Self-Published by the author, Monica D. Reed’s new book is an illuminating inspiration written for the readers to realize that everyone owns the potential to fulfill their life’s purpose after they have released the weight of their past. This book is a gentle reminder that no matter how bleak and terrifying the road may have seemed, success will be on the horizon when you discover your pain is now purpose. “I Am The VOICE: Advocacy for the VOICELESS” is a book that leaves the reader to strive to heal from the hurt and to create CHANGE and begin to live a life full of love, unity, and legacy.

Author Monica shares insightful awareness of some of the challenges that we face within our families and community along with solutions to nurture and elevate the mind, body, and spirit. The book has brought awareness to how our past has truly impacted our lives, contributed to how we build relationships but also to examples of how we can use our story by turning obstacles into opportunities. The collaboration teaches you how to face the hurt of the past, heal the heart, use the journey of life to create purpose, and execute your goals. When you read this book, you will see that your obstacles do not define you and you will learn how to pursue your destiny on purpose.

Every page of “I Am The VOICE,” is written with deep personal touch, such that anyone reading this book beginning from the front to back, or maybe one turn to any page and started reading from there, it does not matter; the messages that this book contains will touch the depth of one’s heart in numerous ways. Twenty-one bold voices including voices of Martha Davidson, Saniya I. Reed, Afrikus Hart, Felicia Brittingham, Chanel Spencer, Makeda-Armorer-Wade, Alfredia Fuller, Eugenia Yvette, Matthew Santana, Jr., Dr. Andrea Blue, Ph.D., Chantai Rae, Abisola Akinwande, and Tracy Young addressing past challenges and now share a victory. One must buy this book to get the taste of inspiration as words cannot describe the positive impact of the book. The book has been referred to as a “Break-through in a book.”

“I Am The VOICE: Advocacy for the VOICELESS” is published and can be purchased all over the world. Readers who wish to experience this potent work will be able to purchase it at  

For additional information or inquiries about “I Am The Voice: Advocacy for the VOICELESS” or the author, please visit

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