Shane Shelton talks connecting with Ultra High Net-Worth Clients, Using Personal Relationships To Drive Impact, Success

September 04 02:56 2020

Los Angeles, CA Shane Shelton, an up-and-coming professional in LA’s private travel and sports scene, is helping a new generation of Athletes, Entertainers, C-Level executives and brands connect for lasting success by providing brand awareness, private aviation solutions, building relationships, helping people, and inspiring others.

Bringing diverse experience to the industry, Shane is currently a consultant for a Privately Owned-Private Aviation company, and a former employee of the Front Office for the LA Clippers. There, Shane developed his love and knowledge for the sports industry and quickly was inspired by what he saw each day to help others grow and succeed through professional empowerment. Recognizing his own potential to impact others, Shane set out to create a product that bridges the gap between athletes and companies so each could be driven to the next level. A former college basketball player, Shane has a unique understanding of the challenges athletes and brands face every day, and he is passionate about using his skills, knowledge, and expertise to take others to the next level while providing outstanding service.

Shane is currently the Founder of SlightEdge, a premier marketing and consultancy firm that focuses on working with the “over-looked” up and coming athletes of today’s game. Harnessing the power of social media, digital marketing, and personal relationships, Shane and SlightEdge have been able to facilitate brand awareness for players across the industry at all levels. Valuing time, SlightEdge has been able to bring business and branding to sports. Using real AI and internet search engine algorithms, the company has increased visibility and social media presence for top clients, including Tim Patrick of the Denver Broncos and Mark Ogden a member of the Atlanta Hawks, among others that include Tyrone Watson, Banja Sy, and Sports Psychologist Trent Rowser.

To learn more, please visit Alternatively, connect with Shane on Instagram @ShaneSheltonn.

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