The RSSA Credential Expert Social Security Advisory is the Future of Financial Planning

November 23 21:34 2020

Social Security optimization advisory is something that is often overlooked and underserved in financial planning due to the lack of quality education and training. It is generally considereda niche market, but the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA) is determined to ensure that every Social Security eligible person has access to expert advice supported by leading edge software to ensure that they are receiving every dollar that they are entitled to.

NARSSA’s vision is to be the seal of excellence for Social Security advisory through its network of elite credentialed professionals called RSSAs. It is estimated that only 4% of eligible enrollees into the Social Security system are maximizing their benefits. With 10,000 people a day reaching Social Security eligibility, and with over 70 million baby boomers, the opportunity for financial advisors and professionals to help their clients with this critical process is very significant. Once enrolled in the five module RSSA course, prospective RSSAs are educated on all criteria that go into determining how much a claimant is eligible for including using RSSA software which ensures maximum payout. After successfully completing the course, they are then eligible to take the national exam and earn the RSSA credential which will qualify them to provide expert Social Security advisory.

The typical Social Security recipient receives greater than $300,000 over their lifetime, and some couples can receive up to $2,000,000, making Social Security a very meaningful part of their retirement planning. Knowing that you are receiving advice from a credentialed professional who will factor in every aspect of your individual circumstances is essential for both ‘peace of mind’ as well as long term financial security. Becoming a RSSA for professionals who already advise their clients on other areas of financial, accounting and legal services is a natural and valuable enhancement to the other services they already provide.

Education on this topic also extends to Medicare, which in the era of COVID-19 is especially critical given the number of cases is growing daily. Knowing that a RSSA who is certified can be an extremely beneficial comfort when it comes to trusting that an individual will receive the maximum amount of support they can from their Medicare.

The organization was founded by Michael Rosedale, CPA and Martha Shedden, two accomplished professionals in both the accounting and retirement planning fields respectively. Michael worked as a CPA for 35 years, while Martha is professionally focused on retirement planning.

For more information on NARSSA, visit their website. You can also sign up for NARSSA’s monthly Social Security newsletter here.

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