Recorded Nature Sounds Block Irritating Noises And Assist In Achieving Restful Sleep

January 13 19:18 2021
For those who want to reduce the stresses of outside noises when trying to study, relax, or fall asleep, the website provides a large selection of sounds from nature. Some of the choices are free to select.

Nature Sounds TV is pleased to announce a website dedicated to soothing and relaxing nature sounds. These sounds are available in a variety of categories. Sounds from the natural world can be of great assistance for those who suffer from difficulty falling asleep at night. This sleeplessness might be caused by external noises that prevent the person from sinking into a deep and restful sleep. Lack of sleep results in daytime fatigue and irritability. 

There are dozens of recordings of sounds from the natural world from which to choose. Some of the popular soothing sounds include rain falling, the ocean waves, rivers, streams, or bird calls. Browse the selections on the website and choose favorite categories to play through a headset or earbuds. The selection of free nature sounds is an excellent place to begin checking out the various categories.  Find the sounds which are most relaxing to hear while studying or working. There is also a collection of nature sound videos, with new 4K videos added each week.

The videos are calming and have subjects that are interesting to watch as well as listen to. While moving water, winds, and bird sounds are featured in many of the videos, there are some distinctive selections as well. These include videos and sounds of whales underwater and fires in a fireplace with accompanying snapping and crackling sounds. A selection that is well out of the ordinary is the sound of a cabin in the woods being consumed by fire. 

The scenic videos which go along with the sounds are taken from areas of Norway. They include moving water in spring, fall, and winter. The background videos can be viewed with enjoyment with or without the sounds, but the package appeals to both the sense of sight and sound. 

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Nature Sounds TV offers a visually appealing feast combined with sounds that are soothing and relaxing. The number of selections is constantly growing. More details are available at

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