Girl Boss Secrets’ New, Raw, Potentially Anxiety Provoking Approach to Branding & Marketing Entrepreneurs

January 22 16:15 2021

Is posting an awful photo a good marketing and branding strategy for small business owners?  As more and more entrepreneurs enter the small business realm to become self-reliant, branding and digital marketing are becoming vital to the survival of these businesses and so is standing out from competitors. There’s one full service branding and digital marketing agency that’s doing things a little differently for their clients, compared to more traditional marketing companies’ approaches and believes there’s nothing wrong with a couple of bad selfies.

Girl Boss Secrets’ philosophy is, “Be real. Be genuine. Embrace your uniqueness and show your vulnerability. Consumers want to know there are real people behind the brand,” said Girl Boss Secrets’ founder Zahra Zaman. 

She went on to say, “Gone are the days of curating the perfect Instagram feed and having a full face of makeup on for your ‘casual’ Sunday morning selfies. People want to see the real you. If you act the way you do when you let your guard down with friends and family – that’s how you’re going to bring people into your world. Seeing perfectly curated feeds, bodies, lives, and relationships on social media, brings a lot of people’s self-esteem down. Eventually, the follower may unfollow that account or block it, for the wellbeing of their own mental health. Imagine going from seeing a perfectly curated account, to seeing an account full of videos with bloopers, people in real time waking up with messy hair, an unconcealed pimple or two, and sleep sand in someones’ eyes. People will relate to that more than they will to waking up on a multimillion dollar yacht with a perfect blowout, silk lingerie, and mile high lashes. We’re in a new era of marketing and branding, and it’s all about creating communities where we foster each others’ imperfectness.”

Zaman continued, “Girl Boss Secrets believes real life is messy and we should all start embracing that side of ourselves. And it’s shocking how many people and brands make it all about themselves. It should be about the audience, how they feel when they see your logo, name, or photo.”

When asked about what she thinks of brands who rely on formality, Zaman said “Formality is out and casualness and individuality is in. Branding now is all about a new less salesy approach. Anyone can put a polished photo of themselves in a suit up, but it takes someone fearless to put up an unflattering, unfiltered, photo in old house clothes; that’s when true confidence really comes into play. Your audience gets their cue from you on how you want them to connect to you. Do you want them to become a friend or just a social media acquaintance?” It seems branding and marketing is becoming a lot more personal in 2021. 

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