Keisha Gibson and Her Journey to Becoming an Accountability Coach

March 05 21:09 2021
Keisha Gibson and Her Journey to Becoming an Accountability Coach

Every day, people resolve to make changes in their lives. Whether it is financial or lifestyle, people find that their journey towards change provides them with a better outlook on life. Keisha Gibson underwent a weight loss journey that resulted in success. Seeing how her life turned to change her for the better, she decided to create her brand to help others who had been in her place, resulting in Kick Weight With Keisha.

Kick Weight With Keisha is a testament to Keisha Gibson’s weight loss journey. She understands the challenges most people encounter when they decide to make such a change. Many people have undergone different routines and methods to lose weight while remaining healthy. However, Keisha created a healthy plan for weight loss when she tumbled into the Ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle.

The lifestyle proved to be a gamechanger, and Keisha started to realize that losing weight was not as difficult as she initially thought. Ketogenic gave her better control of her appetite to the point where she was no longer left hungry. She would also realize how fasting gave her a lot more clarity on life as a whole.

With the success of her weight loss journey, Keisha decided to help others going through similar ordeals. She started by creating a YouTube channel called Kick Weight With Keisha, which became an outlook for her to reach out to people and share her story. It allowed others to watch her journey and see the transformation. Within twelve weeks, she lost 70 lbs.

Kick Weights With Keisha allowed her to become an accountability coach and help people take on the same lifestyle she did to attain their goals. It is a one-stop-shop for others to undergo a weight loss experience. Kick Weights With Keisha provides people with the boost to get them started on their journey and the push to keep them going. 

While other brands resort to pills and supplements, Keisha’s brand helps people lose weight naturally. She teaches others how they can lose weight from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, her brand helps them maintain their weight loss, which is an essential aspect of their journey. Kick Weights With Keisha is not a diet but a lifestyle that is designed for the long-term.

When Keisha Gibson set out on her weight loss journey, there was fear of ridicule. However, she found that she was receiving a lot of support from her followers. Keisha started receiving messages from people asking how they could join her journey and participate, showing her that people wanted to get healthy. By creating her brand, Keisha has created a community and a safe place for people with a common goal of feeling beautiful in their skin while getting healthy.

In the years to come, Keisha hopes to expand her brand into a company with people she once coached doing the same for others. She foresees hundreds of thousands of clients, and Kick Weights With Keisha becomes a popular commercial playing on local tv stations.

Learn more about Kick Weight With Keisha by visiting her official website. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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