SkillSoniq has partnered with the Toronto Business Development Centre to help its network of startups in Canada scale their recruiting process

June 04 17:15 2021

SkillSoniq has partnered with the Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) and indirectly with the government of Toronto to provide exclusive recruiting services to their 100+ startups based in Canada. As a part of this partnership, SkillSoniq will introduce its AI-Powered recruiting app to TBDC’s network of startups and help them hire early employees at the lowest risk and cost.

Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) is Toronto’s first start-up incubator that was established in 1990, and offers programs that provide access to a network of key resources that can help accelerate growth for start-ups. TBDC strategically designed their services to help businesses thrive. They offer an unmatched mentor network, access to capital through their Angel Investor Network, and a portfolio of support services required to help startups build and scale.

TBDC motivates entrepreneurial-minded individuals from diverse communities to develop their business plans and to effectively start up their companies through a variety of tailored programs. TBDC and its affiliate organizations provide advisory support to young student entrepreneurs, individuals currently receiving social assistance, and persons with disabilities.

“We are excited to partner with TBDC, and indirectly with the government of Canada, to help their community of entrepreneurs hire early employees at the lowest risk and cost. Toronto has a vibrant startup culture, and we are super pumped about this opportunity to contribute by helping entrepreneurs scale teams quickly through our recruiting platform,” said Abby, founder of SkillSoniq.

SkillSoniq’s mission is to help startups and small businesses scale teams quickly – They find that startups face over a 25% attrition in early employees because employees leave for more established companies, or startups find that they have hired the wrong person. SkillSoniq, through its AI-Powered technology, allows startups to try out the best talent as an independent contractor or a freelancer, before converting them to their payroll. This allows both the jobseeker and the startup to get to know each other before they commit to a full-time role – A win-win for both parties.

“SkillSoniq is a top-ranked recruiting app, and offers a unique value proposition to our network of startups. We often find that founders in our network spend over 50% of their time on recruiting activities. SkillSoniq’s AI-Powered recruiting platform will allow founders to spend less time on recruiting activities, and significantly more time on building their businesses – which is how it should be,” said Noor Haq, Program Director at Toronto Business Development Centre. was founded in New York (United States) and ranks among the top 10 recruiting apps in the world on TrustPilot. They have seen a 400% year-over-year growth in jobs posted on their platform in Q1 2021, mostly because of the existing pandemic, which has forced companies to cut down fixed costs and employ more freelancers. They operate in most major cities in the United States and Canada, and are currently raising their second round of funding. They have previously raised funds from senior management at Goldman Sachs, Amazon and Airbnb, as well as prominent venture capitalists. They recently opened up their existing funding round to retail investors, who can invest by clicking here:

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