Maaleak Wilbur on Navigating Life as a Foster Care Child and Becoming a Social Media Marketing Guru

July 22 00:33 2021
Maaleak Wilbur on Navigating Life as a Foster Care Child and Becoming a Social Media Marketing Guru

A difficult childhood is not always all-defining. Instead, it might set into motion a series of events leading to success. Maaleak Wilbur had his life journey structured that way, and while it may not exactly be the best thing he experienced, he remains thankful he somehow found success on his journey.

20-year-old Maaleak Wilbur is a social media marketing (SMM) expert who has built a successful brand on social media for himself and helped internet celebrities and influencers build their brands. He’s also an astute public speaker and influencer who has used his platform as a source of inspiration to young people. He has built multiple income sources ranging from social media to entrepreneurship and investments.

Looking back at his journey thus far, Maaleak reminisces heavily on his childhood which had him placed in foster care at the tender age of 4. In the system, he lived in four foster homes, a few group homes and the witness protection program. The concept of family was foreign to him as a young boy, and he spent most of his early years learning how to do things by himself. From his eighth birthday till his twelfth birthday, he was heavily into gaming, where he built a solid fan base and 30,000 YouTube subscribers. However, his unstable living situation made him give all of that up, thereby losing his channel to hackers in 2012.

In 2013, he rebranded and started all over again from scratch through Facebook live sessions. Teenagers gravitated towards him for his personality. He began making videos on relationship advice, and thousands of people found his content relatable, which is reflected in his following. His followers on Facebook climbed to a hundred thousand. Shortly after, he switched to Instagram and Snapchat, where he gained more than 120,000 followers in total. Unfortunately, things crumbled again when he was placed in witness protection (WITSEC) because he could not keep a public profile with his real identity.

Maaleak Wilbur got his groove back when he turned 18 and returned to social media to get on the path he currently is today. From social media, he caught on to investing in the Forex market to earn passive income. He graduated high school with high honors and has focused on his social media business and other passive income sources. Maaleak’s challenging circumstances never deterred him. He has made waves on various social media platforms, especially TikTok, where he gets thousands of views and likes. One of his viral TikTok videos is his “How to know if a boy likes you” video, which has garnered over 40,000 likes and 17,000 comments.

With a dominating presence on social media, Maaleak has quickly connected with kids, teenagers, young adults and other individuals looking to grow their social media presence through his relatable relationship and educational content. “I actually care about my supporters, and even though I was the underdog in this story, I still came out on top and still going strong. I want the same for as many people as possible,” he said. Maaleak hopes to become influential enough to inspire the new generation and show them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to achieve. As he continues to grow, he plans to become a public speaker in a few years and document his life story in a book to inspire millions of young people worldwide.

Learn more about Maaleak Wilbur on his official website. Also, follow his social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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