How To Ensure Laser Cutting Quality On Deformed Pipes

August 04 16:00 2021

Is people worried that the laser cutting quality on finished products cannot be used because of various defects in the pipe itself, such as deformation, bending, etc.?

In the process of selling laser pipe cutting machines, some customers are very concerned about this problem, because when people purchase a batch of pipes, there will always be more or less uneven quality, and people can’t throw away when these pipes are discarded, how to improve the utilization rate of pipes and reduce the scrap rate is the problem that our laser pipe cutting machine must solve.

So, today people will talk about how to complete high-quality laser cutting of deformed pipes.

1. The pipe feeding part, that is, an automatic centering device is added before laser cutting, which can realize physical correction for thin pipes and pipes with little deformation, that is, correction before cutting to further reduce the deformation of the pipe itself. This leads to deterioration in laser cutting.

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2. Using capacitive sensing fiber laser cutting head to achieve high precision, high sensitivity, and high stability cutting.

3. During the cutting process, in response to the processing needs of special-shaped pipes, such as oval pipes, DR pipes, and other special pipes, we have developed laser cutting technology for special cross-section pipes, automatic compensation technology for pipe distortion, and bending deformation, which can solve the problem of the pipe itself. The reason is the defect of laser cutting.

4. For stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other high-temperature alloy pipes, through special control technology and corner treatment technology, people can select different lead-in lines, corner-turn pulse cutting control, and corner processing functions according to the characteristics of the high-temperature alloy pipe during melting and cutting to reduce chips The occurrence of backsplash greatly improves the stability of sharp-angle cutting, reduces pollution of the focus lens, and improves the service life of the focus lens.

5. When cutting sharp corners, using different laser power, pulse frequency, and pulse duty cycle can ensure the sharp corner cutting contour’s quality and improve the cutting efficiency.

To sum up, to ensure the cutting effect of deformed pipes, people have integrated R&D and improvement from mechanical design, laser cutting head to laser cutting software, which greatly improves the high precision and high speed of pipe cutting.

What other concerns do people care about in pipe cutting? Welcome to tell company by email, and people will help solve your problems as soon as possible.

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