Ketamine Infusion Leader in Michigan Blends Science and Healing Arts

August 05 03:12 2021
The Drake Center is a center of healing for the body, mind, and spirit, guiding and empowering people on their unique transformational journey of health and wholeness. The services include cutting-edge treatments for depression and pain.

The Drake Center is pleased to announce that the ketamine infusion center has developed processes that make it the leading center of healing for the body, mind and spirit, providing empowerment and guidance for people on their unique journey of health and wholeness.  Dr. Drake blends the best of science and the healing arts. The Drake Center services include state-of-the-art treatments to support the body, open the mind, and enhance the spirit. Ketamine infusion therapy makes use of a powerful psychedelic to treat several ailments.

Ketamine therapy is a process to treat conditions such as depression, trauma, migraines, chronic pain, stress-related illness, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Ketamine is a powerful psychedelic for treating anxiety, IBS, CRPS, PTSD, migraines, and Fibromyalgia. The service at the Drake Center is unlike other Ketamine infusion centers where they just give continued sessions of ketamine to numb the pain. Dr. Drake uses ketamine for depression and psychotherapy to reach into the psyche and treat mental health issues at their root.

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The Michigan center offers Ketamine assisted psychotherapy as a powerful state-of-the-art treatment. The Ketamine infusion for depression and pain is part of a customized path that involves multiple preparation sessions. The multi-faceted therapy options support profound healing for the psyche and body. Some of the sessions include guided psycho-emotional exploration and guided meditative art therapy.

The Drake Center was founded by Cassius Drake MD, Medical Director and Jacqueline Drake, who serves as Creative Therapy Director. The duo founded The Drake Centerto provide patients throughout Michigan with effective treatments for various conditions. Transformative healing is a destination for those seeking healing of the disease of the body and transcendence of disease of the psyche. 

About the Center: 

The Drake Center was founded by Cassius Drake MD and Jacqueline Drake to provide healing for the body and the psyche. Various conditions are treated, as well as pain and depression therapy. The center combines mental and physiological therapy for Michigan area patients.

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