American Environmentalist-musician Ryderman is making Headlines with his musical and environmental endeavours

September 09 23:57 2021
American Environmentalist-musician Ryderman is making Headlines with his musical and environmental endeavours

Ryderman, the loved environmentalist-musician in America has many reasons to celebrate, one of them being his single “Stay” surpassing 1 million streams. ‘Stay’ features vocals from Ashley Jana, and the song has established itself as Ryderman’s most popular track to date as the contrast of dark themes and upbeat tones resonates with youngsters around the world.

“Stay is a Song Of Hope For Modern Teens”, says Ryderman. With ‘Stay’, Ryderman continues to spread messages of positivity in difficult moments. In ‘Stay’, lyrics such as “I wanna climb every mountain for a love that makes me sing Hallelujah, I’m in love” and “I wanna know that it gets better” leaves a great impact on the listener, taking him on a ride from dark thoughts to the light of perseverance in love.

The EDM producing artist recently held a 4-hour 20-minute handstand to raise awareness of rainforest protection efforts. Hart Pearson “Sebastian” Cunningham a.k.a Ryderman is a passionate environmentalist, and is committed to his goals of rainforest protection and promoting harmony with nature. 

Ryderman loves to take up new physical challenges and this long handstand for spreading awareness about rainforests was just another example of him doing another physical adventure. His Instagram profile is a testimony of how much he loves physical adventures, nature, music, and animals.

The environmentalist cum musician has achieved the impressive feat of planting 45 million trees over 40 years. Cunningham is on a mission to plant a trillion trees in his lifetime and is committed to spending his next 40 years converting 45M into a trillion. He developed a passion for preserving nature from his childhood, and therefore, most of the music that he has released aims to share his ethos of rainforest protection, harmony with nature, and more along with entertainment.

About Ryderman:

Ryderman is an American artist and environmentalist who uses his music to inspire listeners around the world while simultaneously raising awareness of nature and the biosphere. His music attracts over 20,000 monthly listeners from around the world, including fans in Germany, the UK, and the US. His EPs and singles feature some of the most talented vocalists too.

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