Tuckin Towel Upgrades Good Old Bath Towel to Superior Gym Towel with Pocket

September 11 02:06 2021
This towel has premium cotton on one side and another for nasty gym surfaces. It also has a signature hood that sticks the towel on surface areas.

Gym goers who prefer to do their workouts at a local fitness center now have Tuckin Towel, an innovative product that lets them train in a cleaner and safer environment. Tuckin Towel stays in place while its user trains. Its material acts as a barrier between the body and nasty gym surfaces, making the training a safer and cleaner experience, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuckin Towel is 110 cm x 45 cm long and made from 100% pure cotton. It features a zipper pocket ideal for gym goers who bring with them essential items like a small wallet and their car keys. The towel also has a signature hood that lets it stay in place when put atop a surface like a gym equipment’s seat. It’s also double-sided so one side is placed on a surface and the other touches only the skin.

Produced in Greece, the home of ancient Olympics, the Tuckin Towel is made only from high-quality materials to guarantee high absorbance. To browse, shop, and know more information about the product, visit https://www.tuckintowel.com/. Interested followers can also follow their Facebook page and Instagram account for more product updates and details. The product can be shipped worldwide from Switzerland.

About Tuckin Towel

Tuckin Towel is a premium gym towel that features comfort, durability, and safety. The team behind this innovative product believes that feeling good is next to keeping control of one’s training. When one is in control of his or her training, he or she takes control of his or her physique. Now that safety is a priority to many, Tuckin Towel answers every gym goer’s well-being concerns when it comes to acquiring viruses and bacteria on gym equipment and other surfaces. That’s why its founders believe that Tuckin Towel is the only gym towel one will ever need.

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