Laser Skin Treatment & Scars? Common risks, side effects & mistakes associated With laser skin treatments

September 13 10:06 2021
Laser Skin Treatment & Scars? Common risks, side effects & mistakes associated With laser skin treatments

Laser Skin Treatment is a concept that has become widely accepted and popularized over the recent years. This growth has included both dermatologists expanding into this space, but more importantly business owners who are not doctors offering these services to “patients” without a medical license or expertise in the space. It is not surprising that treatments rendered by non-licensed professionals has led to inadequate discussions on the risks surrounding these treatments, and a high rate of poor outcomes when it comes to these treatments. If you are a victim of these poor practices, you should reach out to our firm to discuss the circumstances surrounding your treatment with us to learn more about whether there is a claim you can bring against your laser treatment provider. Below is a summary of the risks and mistakes that are commonly overlooked and mistakes that are made.


Many patients are not fully informed of the risks of laser skin treatment when they go to a dermatologist or cosmetic care practice. Those risks include scarring, slow healing, and bad outcomes generally, Patients with darker skin are especially prone to poor outcomes in the form of “hyperpigmentation”, which resembles scarring in the area where the laser treatment was performed. Hyperpigmentation is the formation of pigmentation on the skin’s surface that is darker than the rest of the skin’s color.


It is important to know the true risks of laser skin treatment, including the unique risks to you. Your ethnicity, skin color, pre-existing conditions like diabetes, and other personal medical history can substantially increase the risk of a poor outcome on these procedures. If you are not informed of the specific risks pertaining to YOU as the patient, your doctor has not obtained your informed consent for the procedure. Signing generic forms prior to undergoing laser treatment does not prevent you from pursuing a claim for negligence or medical malpractice arising from the sub-standard care you have received.


Often, after a patient suffers scarring or hyperpigmentation from laser skin treatment, they wish to correct it and come to find that additional treatment is required. This treatment is often not covered by insurance and requires out of pocket expenses to be incurred, Topical treatments are proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of pigmentation in some cases, but do not always work. In such instances where conservative topical treatment fails, surgical treatments, in which laser resurfacing is used to remove hyperpigmented skin, have become popular options for people who want to be treated urgently or fully correct the residual damage they have to the treatment area. As a patient facing this difficult choice of spending more money and undergoing further treatment to treat your skin condition(s), it is important to know that the cost of these corrective treatments are collectable as damages when asserting a claim for negligence against your original treating doctor. All expenses for medical treatment paid are considered special damages, and you can additionally seek damages for pain and suffering that are payable due to the pain and suffering you are forced to endure for corrective treatment, as well as the emotional distress caused by the original disfigurement you were left with following the negligent care at issue.


Unfortunately, a lot of people are not informed enough about laser technology and skin care to know what to do in case of an injury or burn. When considering laser skin malpractice cases, it is important to retain the services of an attorney skilled in medical malpractice. During a trial, medical experts can offer expert testimony regarding whether or not the doctor followed appropriate procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Without this evidence, a jury may be led to believe that the doctor acted outside the realm of standard practice, which can result in compensation for the patient. Furthermore, if a case goes to trial, the defense can use any number of witnesses to undercut the effectiveness of the expert’s testimony. For these reasons, it is important that you retain the services of an attorney who is experienced in laser skin malpractice and has quality experts at their disposal to present your case effectively to the jury. Please contact The Law Office of John C. Clark if you feel the above risks were not relayed to you, or mistakes were made during the time that laser treatments were provided to you. We are happy to discuss them with you free of charge and educate you on your rights moving forward.

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