A Witches Bookshelf Offers A Vast Selection of Occult-Related Digital Books

October 07 21:12 2021
Owned and Operated by a Senior, Disabled Woman, This Digital Bookstore Has A Book On Just About Any Occult-Related Topic.

A Witches Bookshelf is a digital bookstore carrying a myriad of digital books on occult-related topics. The vast collection comprises over four thousand different titles under nearly a hundred and fifty different categories.

The person behind this unique online store is a senior and disabled woman named Roxie. Looking for a supplementary source of income that is suitable for her physical condition, Roxie dared to venture into the world of online retail and launched A Witches Bookshelf.

Through her new business venture, the book-lover-turned-entrepreneur successfully makes a living while also sharing her passion for occult knowledge and adventure. Roxie operates the store by herself, managing all aspects of the business from end to end.

“Why was it named ‘A Witches BookShelf’? Well, if you have ever been in a witch’s house, you will see books and books and more books. Witches read everything, pro/con, black/white, up/down north/south, east/west and even sideways. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power… After all, witches are always working on their powers. Witches just love books!” said Roxie.

She adds, “A cultivated mind that reads everything, will be well equipped to tackle any problem or subject that may come up. Reading keeps your mind alive.”

The number of categories found on A Witches BookShelf is impressively diverse. “From Alchemy to Zen,” as Roxie describes it.

The topics covered include witchcraft, wicca, occult, cooking, crystal healing, natural medicine, herbology, history, fairy tales, biography, Christian, book of shadows, grimoires, tarot, spell books, holiday books, astral travel, lucid dreaming, psychical research, perfume and incense making. The collector even offers rare, old, vintage books, extra-large 3650-page books, and much more.

Aside from its rich selection, a key feature of A Witches Bookshelf shop is affordability. The digital books can be bought at very low prices and can be downloaded instantly upon purchase.

By offering books in electronic format, Roxie states that her store helps book enthusiasts by saving them valuable shelf space. It also allows customers to easily bring their reading material with them wherever they go through their devices.

The books on offer at her shop can be conveniently read through Kindle, on smartphones, tablets, digital notebooks, laptops, or desktops.

Aside from browsing and shopping through the store’s collection, visitors may also sign up to A Witches Bookshelf weekly newsletter or read from the website blog. Free books can also be won through the shops’ contests.

A Witches Bookshelf is a Licensed Master Reseller of quality digital books. More information about the online store can be found on its website, https://www.awitchesbookshelf.com/.

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