No Dates Required – The Beginning | Carol Harrington Brice

October 12 22:12 2021
No Dates Required - The Beginning | Carol Harrington Brice

Once in a while, a light-hearted fictional story gets published that makes you smile and cry at the same time. Carol Harrington-Brice is a first-time author, but words flow from her pen as if they have been waiting for her to put her thoughts in words.

Carol Harrington-Brice is 59 years old. She once suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left her a paraplegic but she never gave up on life. She is the mother of four lovely children, who have been her support in everything in her life. She has a daughter and three sons, and seven grandchildren. Carol lives in Somerset, whose surrounding beauty is the perfect environment for an imaginative writer like hers.

Her first novel, ‘No Dates Required’ is a story of some interesting characters living on a street called Fillet Crescent since the Fillets have lived there for many generations. Call it dark humour or a plot completely filled with euphemism, the lead character – Mary – walks the reader one by one through the many deaths of her husbands. Before long, she gets married to four brothers, losing them all to the same fate in different ways. It does not seem to bother Mary but her mother-in-law Mrs. Francis Fillet is quite suspicious of these events – perhaps not without reason.

Mary’s character is very happy-go-lucky as she moves from one husband to another but not losing hope for a better life and for a husband who would just survive. Mrs. Francis is very superstitious about the letter ‘F’ and named all of her adopted sons with the same letter.

How the story unfolds, bringing foes together to become friends in the most unlikely circumstances, is a treat to read.

No Dates Required’ is self-published by Carol Harrington-Brice.

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