Keen Funnel assists brands to stand out in competition with the revolutionary Digital Marketing Management System and the Funnel Planning

December 02 07:15 2021
Keen Funnel is empowering companies to achieve a competitive advantage with an advanced Digital Marketing Management System and a Funnel Planning tool

Spain – December 01, 2021 – The world of advertising often advances at a rocket speed as well as there is a new media channel almost every 6-9 months. This situation causes fierce competition for companies, forcing them to update their marketing methods at a spectacular pace. The new media channels are evolving from leaps and bounds, and business owners need to update their marketing plans accordingly. This is where Keen Funnel intervenes to help them rank higher with state-of-the-art marketing tools and strategies.

This next generation digital marketing company is ready to disrupt the digital marketing industry and for the best. The company has created an advanced digital marketing management system with a series of new standard marketing procedures that ensure smooth execution of marketing procedures with a 99% accuracy. Keen Funnel is flexible to implement its advanced marketing management system in existing business clients or companies can use it as an internal guide. 

The company has also recently developed The Funnel Designer 2.0 web app, which serves as a cutting-edge Funnel-Planning, Profit-Prediction & Simulation tool. This tool allows to model and simulate the potential benefits of any sales funnel or business idea before the company invests in the development of landing pages or the purchase of digital media. In this way, it puts a clear image before the brands about how much ROI they can expect if they take certain marketing or advertising measures. This process helps them to balance and plan strategically to achieve optimal results and avoid waste of time and money.  

Asked about the company’s current performance, the Marketing Director of Keen Funnel asserted that “Our industry-leading team of experts has been equipped with advanced planning tools to help our clients stand out in the fast-changing digital marketing world. We follow a comprehensive data-driven approach and our advanced technological solutions allow us to deepen our knowledge of valuable information about your potential audience. Based on these insights, we work to develop an industry-leading result-oriented digital marketing campaign which is scalable, profitable, resourceful as well as ensures higher response and less waste compared to regular media planning and marketing campaigns”.

Keen Funnel serves all types of business, regardless of size, industry and marketing budget, providing services in any specific time zone or geographical location. For better scope and exposure, Keen Funnel supports customer brands with an intelligent omnichannel campaign approach that helps lead the customer business on all devices, channels and screens.  

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