Alien Cult (ACLT) – An NFT Project On OpenSea. Made by Extraterrestrials?

December 03 18:48 2021
Alien Cult (ACLT) - An NFT Project On OpenSea. Made by Extraterrestrials?

Internet folks have been raving about a mysterious project called Alien Cult. It is a terrifying project with the mesmerizing story line. For those who have been fond of UFO and relevant topics, peers must be tempted to check on this project.

In its official page, there’s a timer that runs down to 21st December, 2026.

The project is claimed to be originated from real aliens who came to earth in 1980 from Sa-om Planet and were kidnapped by humans.

The core of the story is to invite humans to the cult. The Cult is the name of the organization where the participants will be safe from whatever happens when the timer runs out.

Some folks said that the particular Aliens race will raid the earth and colonize the planet. Some said that those aliens would only strike the non-member humans. Humans who burned the ACLT tokens and reach at least Level 1 are immune to the alien attack.

Humans have 60 months and 18 days before the timer ends. Although these extraterrestrials do not disclose the earth doom’s day, they indeed indicated that they’d attack the earth. For that reason, they give the humans chance to join their mission of getting the aliens out of the planet. They will attack Earth and take over the respective planet.

Humans could decide to choose their immunity and power depending on how many of the tokens are burned by the users. There are levels 1 to 5. It gives humans various options. For those who can’t afford the particular level, they could start from level 1 first, since it already gives them immunity from the aliens’ attacks. Humans can upgrade their level at any time in the future.

Besides the ACLT tokens, the Alien Cult project also introduces its NFT collections on the official page. The NFT collection is available in NFT. Like the tokens burned, the ownership of the NFT will also grant the members the level. But the level choices are different from the token level. The levels that members can attain from NFT start at 3 to 5.

They already upload thousands of the NFT collectibles in OpenSea. Most of them are well-designed and have such great values, especially for the Alien Cult fans and investors.

The project has run for almost 2 months and it already has such a great users base. The community is solid and trustworthy. Some of the community members even pasted the tattoo of their NFT onto their arm.

The back story of the Alien Cult project is tied to the real-life facts, although no one can confirm if they are really related.

It mentioned Bob Lazar’s name. For alien cult fans, this name is not a strange one for them.

Bob Lazar is a person whom has been featured in many shows for the interview related to the UFO, alien, and other bizarre topics. The back stories of the Alien Cult project are aligned with the Bob’s interview.

Some people believe that it is what it is. But some believe that the creators behind Alien Cult made their project’s back stories fit those events.

But there is another theory. Some UFO specialists even guessed that they are indeed the real Aliens.

The project collections are now available on OpenSea.

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