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January 19 22:33 2022
Local Drain solutions company in Molino FL. serving all of Escambia County, Florida. Phoenix Drain Solutions offers important information to help people avoid unnecessary damage to their drains.

Clog drains are a common problem for people living in and around Molino FL. However, Phoenix Drain Solutions that provide complete drain solutions including kitchen and bathroom drains, sewer drain cleaning, said there are some preventative measures that people can do to keep pipes free from obstructions.

One of the biggest problems of blocked drains according to the Molino FL Local Plumber is fatty substances.

“People need to watch what they put down their drains. Fatty substances are a big problem for blocked drains and have become the number one cause of kitchen sinks becoming blocked,” explained a spokesman for – Phoenix Drain Solutions.

The spokesman for Phoenix Drain Solutions went on to explain that people need to stop putting cooking oils down their kitchen sink. When the oils cool down, they harden and can block the drains. Other problems include food bits being put down the kitchen sink which becomes a sludgy mess and causes a blockage in the drains.

Phoenix Drain Solutions has provided some tips to avoid blocked drains:

Pour cooking oil into a heat-resistant container and put it in the trash instead of pouring it down the sink.

Use a wire mesh drain screen in the bathroom and kitchen to stop any excess waste from going down the drain.

If a drain does become blocked it is important to call out a professional straight away. A professional drainage expert can then tackle the problem and remove the blockage straight away before it causes other damage.

A blocked drain can cause flooding which could become expensive to repair. Blocked drains can also be bad for your health causing Bacteria and Microbes to develop. Other problems include pest infestation and mold.

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