David Goodnight of Austin, Texas outlines the most vital leadership traits

May 16 16:41 2022


Integrity is everything, you will lose your team and customers without it. Trustworthy leaders create leaders that are better than they are. Staying true to your convictions means having uncomfortable conversations, clarifying expectations, and replacing those that are not in line with your organization’s purpose and mission. Be transparent with everyone, succeeding is difficult enough on its own, don’t foul up your reputation or your business by not having absolute honesty with everyone.  


Confidence in every word and action is massively important to your team and a customer impression. The vibration of confidence spreads and lingers, make sure everyone knows about your successes. There’s no shame in stating the facts and reminding those around you of the milestones you and your company have achieved. If you are unsure about your own decisions, then your subordinates will have lackluster performance. However, overconfidence can be a huge mistake. Don’t ever assume you’re the best, have the best product, the best price, etc. KNOW that you’re the best, KNOW that you have the best product, and KNOW that your price is worth the value.


Inspiring a team takes place with the founder. Your life has to be an example of what your team aspires to follow and become. Diet, exercise, family, the contribution of time to help others, financial freedom, etc. are all healthy goals to live and present your team. Take the time to share your knowledge and invite others to participate in what you’ve learned. Always make sure you have engineered a path for every team member to reach your level of success or even surpass it.  Try to find a positive approach to every challenge as every conflict has a lesson and reward for overcoming it.  As John Quincy Adams puts it, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”


Do not be a “wheeler and dealer”, your team needs to know that 100% of your dedicated work time is there to protect and serve their best interests as well. Try to participate in every job in a non-invasive way to show hands-on interest in each department. Care about every detail and your team will follow the same intention and attention to the details that you care about.


Your company goals, policies, and openness to hear everyone must be evidenced right away. Communication is not solely your emails or presentations. Make sure your entire team knows that they can reach you. The CEOs of some of the largest corporations have come up from entry-level positions and I assure you that their communication skills with subordinates and their bosses throughout their time within the corporation were respectful and flawless. Spend the time to thank someone for their efforts and learn about their personal life. The more you know about your team members, the more you will be able to craft your communication with them as a whole. Words have the power to motivate people, if you use them effectively, you can always achieve better results.


If you have the time to sit on a challenging decision, take it. But, if you need to make a decision right away for confident action, take it. There’s nothing wrong with asking your team what they think in a tight situation, but if you know the proper route to execute, go for it and don’t look back.  


A leader needs to focus on key responsibilities while delegating the balance. This is also one of the most rewarding experiences for you and your team members. Your team will be grateful for the opportunity and confidence that you have instilled in them and if they succeed you’ve saved yourself some time and can now shower accolades on the success of a team member. Empowering by task delegation is beyond valuable, but make sure you’ve provided the proper training and resources or you’re setting yourself up for lost time, frustration, and possible failure among all parties.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” according to the late Steve Jobs. To get ahead in today’s fast-paced world, a leader must be innovative and it’s simply a very important part of entrepreneurship. There’s always going to be a problem that requires innovation or some new way to improve how your company or product performs. Always strive for innovation. Schedule innovation meetings with your entire team without an objective. Ask for everyone’s customer or personal challenges and get after solutions. Creative thinking is what will make your company stand out. Turn those ideas and goals into reality.

Emotional Intelligence

This trait has not received as much attention as it should in business schools. Great leaders have a bewildering sense of how to approach and communicate with different kinds of people in all scenarios. Typically, from personal experience of being in various challenges. This intuitive nature can unlikely be taught, it’s an innate trait that is simply built into the finest leaders I’ve come across. This personal virtue trait is applicable in all scenarios, especially sales, communication, and empathy. If you find a team member with this quality, do your best to give this person all of your technical skills, they may just be the CEO that you’ve been looking for.  

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