Auckland Mural Artist Launches Commissioned Art Pieces Website

May 16 21:22 2022
Lucia Laubscher moved to New Zealand with her family in 2017 in order to pursue her passion for art. She has completed several commissioned art murals for buildings in and around Auckland.

Lucia Laubscher of Art by Lucia is pleased to announce that the Auckland Mural Artist is available to create unique and beautiful murals on public buildings throughout the area. She also does commission art pieces on canvas, murals, and digital art pieces. The artist ensures that the customer receives a unique and personalised piece of art. The customer is able to provide input into what the commissioned work will look like, as well as the message and the theme of the work.

Customers can choose the colour palette to suit the theme or décor of the work. When an artwork is commissioned, the customer is also in full control of the budget. The artwork can be adjusted according to the available budget. Some of the murals which the artist has completed include Ellerslie Medical Centre, Auckland, 2022 – Native New Zealand fauna and flora; Kenderdine Park, Auckland – Aged care home and Hospital, 2021 – Pasifika patterns and native New Zealand birds; West Harbour School – Auckland – House Panels; and West Harbour School Library. In addition, there are many other projects.

Additional details are available at

Lucia explains the commissioning process. “Creating a mural can take considerable time and can be a personal journey for me and for the client. After making contact I ask some questions to see if we are the right fit and to engage into a conversation about what it is you are after. I try to determine if there is a story behind the art you want created, or if it is purely a beautifying piece you are after. A lot of my work includes stories, symbolism, and personal touches to truly create unique art pieces for every individual or brand.”

After the initial conversation, Lucia provides the customer with an official quote before starting the design process. Throughout the design process, customers are able to give input on colour requirements, imagery, and ideas. The artist creates a digital version of the art piece to show the client an image of the project. The client then signs off on the final design and the painting can commence. The length of time to complete the project depends on the materials, location, and size.


Art by Lucia offers carefully designed murals, paintings, and more. The website includes many examples of the artist’s work. The commissioned work includes murals, paintings, and panels. 

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