Adstock, the #1 lead generation system for lawyers, converts website visitors into qualified consultations, without paying for ads or creating social media content

June 23 02:40 2022
Adstock introduces a unique lead generation and conversion service for lawyers. With Adstock’s help, lawyers can convert their highest-intent website visitors into the highest quality leads, and automatically schedule them directly into their calendars, resulting in a greater number of consultations for their firm.

As the digital competition for clients continues to mount for lawyers, Adstock introduces a solution to help them convert more leads. According to Adstock, less than 3% of website visitors become leads, meaning that 97% of potential clients fall through the cracks. Lawyers are typically told by marketing agencies that they need to use paid advertising in order to increase the number of clients for their law firm. In contrast, Adstock’s system demonstrates that high-quality, qualified consultations can be obtained, without spending a single dime on advertising.

With help from Adstock’s #1 lead generation system for lawyers, it is possible to drive additional traffic. “Our system captures the remaining 97% of traffic who are leaving your website and converts them into ultra-qualified leads. All leads are exclusive to you and will never be disclosed or sold to your competition.”

According to Adstock founder Ismail Bynoe, “we specialize in helping personal injury law firms grow exponentially with the highest quality leads booked directly into their calendars for consultations.”

When personal injury lawyers signup for the Adstock lead generation system, they get a fully automated system that allows them to respond to leads FAST. Which improves lead conversion. Adstock also gets lawyers a consistent flow of new consultations at low monthly costs.

“Here at Adstock, we specialize in a unique client acquisition system that’s unmatched and unrivaled in the industry. Our signature, P.I. Client Acquisition Configurator™ captures your website’s highest intent traffic and converts them into the highest quality leads available.”

Adstock invites personal injury lawyers to schedule a free discovery session, where in 30-minutes, the Adstock team will uncover what is missing and what is needed, followed by a plan to make it possible. The discovery session gives clients full access to the system in action, allowing them to see how it can transform their lead generation efforts. “We automatically book these leads directly into your calendar, turning them into appointments, and you can secure them as new clients.”

Experience transformative lead generation with Adstock!

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