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SAP launches HANA Cloud services to make migration to cloud easier

SAP launches HANA Cloud services to make migration to cloud easier

June 22
11:28 2019
SAP’s latest launch SAP HANA Cloud Services comes with a revolutionary hybrid cloud data warehouse solution which makes cloud integration easier even for large-scale corporations.

June 21, 2019 – Large corporations apprehensive of moving to cloud can finally heave a sigh of relief. Software giant SAP has recently introduced a new product range which makes migration to cloud easier than ever.  Titled “SAP HANA Cloud Services”, the latest product range comes with a breakthrough hybrid cloud data warehouse solution that assures seamless integration of big-scale ERPs into cloud, regardless of their huge database size.

HANA is SAP’s in-memory database platform. With its continued focus on cloud, SAP is looking forward to address the technical restrictions of large ERP systems and rejections of business customers through its HANA product range. HANA Cloud Services extend distributed data sources for real-time access.

The first solution from SAP HANA Cloud is SAP DATA Warehouse Cloud. It’s a groundbreaking “hybrid” cloud data warehouse solution. Given its state of the art hybrid approach, it allows users to choose between moving their data to cloud (through data replication) and access data in existing systems.

“The SAP DATA Warehouse Cloud from SAP HANA enables user-companies to find a proper balance between cloud and on-premise provisions. And that actually makes it easier for users to shift to cloud and enjoy all its benefits like improved agility, reduced costs and increased efficiency”, stated SAP consultant Felix Weber.

According to his statements, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will enable users to extend existent shared data locally (resting in the on-premise systems) with their own data in cloud (from previous unintegrated systems). Besides, with this HANA hybrid solution, IT departments will be able to craft new possibilities in cloud which can be in combination with (or based one) local data. It will altogether lead a temporal development to a comprehensive cloud data warehouse.

Speaking further, the SAP consultant noted that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is extremely flexible and scalable. The service will offer companies a comprehensive view of all transactional, analytical as well as “large-scale” data sources. The solution will enable users to enjoy all edgy features of HANA yet without huge upfront costs common with data warehouse implementations. One can begin with a small setup and then scale up its size gradually as needed.  The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud carries varied connectors that simplify data accessibility anywhere and allow convenient integration with all on-premise systems (both SAP & third-party).

The hybrid solution has come up with a modern concept called “Spaces” to address elasticity and scalability concerns. Spaces allow scalability of individual areas of a data warehouse independently of one another – without the need of building large monolithic systems. HANA’s cutting edge infrastructure enables  SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to replicate data easily to the “particular” storage space where it is actually needed. This way, users will be able to have control on computing and storage capacity to be consumed by a defined set of users.

In other words, “Spaces” helps to create an infrastructure where a specific user group can consume as well as extend trusted data but without replicating the data beforehand. 

“Thanks to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP is now able to extend all the advantages of other cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions while also addressing its target niche of large enterprise customers. Earlier, large corporations that were apprehensive to move to cloud due to latency issues and huge data volumes- are now ready to embrace cloud offerings.”

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