Raek Data Announces Release of a New Business Dashboard for Enterprise-Class Customers

March 02 11:21 2021
This company continues to provide add-on tools to maximize the sales and marketing capabilities of its software.

Raek Data, LLC, a lead-generating software for businesses, announces the release of its new business dashboard for enterprise-class customers. Raek is known for providing businesses with the highest qualified leads that include detailed insights into consumer interests. With the company’s lead generation solution, the old process of purchasing overused lists and cleaning them is eliminated. This way, users save time and money. With the new dashboard, customers will have easier access to new leads via the software’s Customer Vault.

“I am excited for the continued improvements the team has made to our platform and what they provide for our customers. The feedback we’ve received has been exceptional, and we will continue to introduce new features throughout the year,” said Raek Data’s co-founder Ryan Pool.

Furthermore, Raek’s development team is finalizing its new WordPress plugin. which will significantly broaden its network accessibility while providing one-click installations to customers.

In addition to the WordPress plugin, the Raek team also has expedited the development of more e-commerce and enterprise installation options such as the Shopify and BigCommerce add-ons, which are scheduled to release later this year.

The Raek software allows businesses to gain insights into their anonymous web traffic. It identifies and builds profiles on non-converting website visitors.

The software can be deployed in minutes on any web infrastructure. Its cloud-based feature allows it to be accessed anywhere. To start collecting new leads using Raek, first, the user or the administrator should register for an account. The next step involves installing it on the business’ website. Installation can be done in minutes with a simple piece of code. It offers unified analysis, compatible with all major web technologies, including multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups.

Businesses can use the leads collected by Raek for email campaigns, call lists, and direct mailing campaigns. Raek also has built-in various marketing tools to engage website users automatically after they visit the business site.

Online marketing and advertising have become more important to many businesses today than ever. Now that the competition online became tougher, Raek Data’s new add-ons are built to give businesses a competitive advantage.

Built with a vision to improve current lead generation techniques, Raek’s team created a web utility to generate leads from their partner network to help boost inquiries across their network of sites.

The team behind Raek Data is composed of sales and marketing business owners. Raek has become the lead generation tool that simply works because of the team’s past struggles from cold calling, unresponsive email lists, and failed direct mailers.

For more information on Raek Data, be sure to visit https://www.raekdata.com.

About Raek Data, LLC

Raek Data provides a software solution that maximizes the sales and marketing efforts of a business by gaining insights into its anonymous web traffic. The Raek Network identifies and builds profiles on non-converting website visitors. It runs in the cloud, providing users ease of use. Installing it is also a breeze. With a simple piece of code, network administrators will easily be able to install it in minutes. It can be optimized as well for any business architecture. Its detection software offers a unified analysis that’s compatible with all major web technologies, including multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups.

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