Introducing Leaders In Lettos, a stimulative platform that guides women through their career succession

March 31 12:44 2021
Introducing Leaders In Lettos, a stimulative platform that guides women through their career succession

Leaders In Lettos is an inspirational and stimulative platform that guides women through their career succession. The platform, created by executive healthcare leader and former NBA dancer, Corina Bianca, provides coaching resources, and tools to help women reach their career goals.

Leaders In Lettos caters to women who are feeling uncertain about their career journey. Or those who just need an extra boost of motivation. The platform is replete with relevant business resources, tools, tips, and techniques proven to catapult women into the position they have always dreamed of.

Leaders in Lettos have all it takes to transform a woman into a superwoman. Corina’s impeccable, result-oriented services include but are not limited to webinars, courses, blogs, seminars, workshops, 1:1 content, and more to set up the woman for success. Corina is also adept at speaking to mobilize, conferences, and other training events. Speaking engagements and speaker’s content can be adjusted to fit each client’s individual needs.

Speaking about her unique platform, Corina Bianca, “We believe in challenging the status quo, acting with courage, and protecting one another regardless of race, gender, religion, political preference, gender preference, or any other differences. We stand up for what is right, believe in creating, “good trouble.”

It is said that you can’t give what you don’t have. Corina Bianca is capable of effecting transformational changes in women because she’s seen it all. She started in the pageant world where she honed her skills in self-awareness, confidence, politics, networking, the importance of volunteering, building relationships. This was followed by a successful spell as the owner of a cheer and dance business at 18, that catered to all students, but primarily, those who couldn’t afford luxuries. After conquering the dance studio business, she continued to succeed as a professional NBA dancer and leading healthcare executive at a top University Healthcare System.

With Support from her inspiring father and loving mother, Corina had a glittering career in dancing with laurels and accolades which complemented her innate ability to grow and succeed in any venture. However, besides these, Corina considers reading “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson as a turning point for her.

Michelle Obama once said that “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. Corina Bianca has had a very successful career in the medical field but decided to launch Leaders In Lettos to fulfill her purpose, helping others. Our mission is to help you reach your greatest potential.

“We strive to provide you with the resources you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether you are a leader, creative, or simply a woman with a passion to succeed, we have what you need to feel supported, inspired, and prepared to run the show. We measure our success, by the way, we positively impact the lives of others,” Corina remarked.

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