Wealth Practitioners Financial Planning Firm Creates New Competition in the Toronto and Canadian Finance Industry

April 15 22:21 2021
Wealth Practitioners Financial Planning Firm Creates New Competition in the Toronto and Canadian Finance Industry

Hearing the new buzz about a fast-upcoming financial firm called Wealth Practitioners? From helping individuals & businesses create-manage their wealth, this financial firm has no plans to stop from making an impact in the Toronto and Canada-wide finance market.

Wealth Practitioners is a Canadian Independent Financial Planning firm originated in Toronto, ON. They are a collected team of multiple talented Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Professional Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers, helping Canadians with wealth strategies to growth their real estate, investment and business portfolios.

“We recognize there’s a service gap between clients and many advisors (accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers and investment professionals). Professionals are often working in silos and selling products to clients, not knowing the impact to their overall financial plan.” – Maricel Ramos (Founder/CEO of Wealth Practitioners)

They strive to fill the gap between creating Customized Financial Plans and collaborating with their internal experts and your trusted advisors, for a holistic multi-disciplinary approach. Their aim – said by their founder – “leave no stone unturned”.

Let’s look at some of the top moves this firm has made for their clientele. Those who have their pockets in real estate and require additional cash flow to fund their lifestyle; the firm uses their clients’ portfolios to expand assets, and to reduce taxes-freeing up a consistent amount of cash flow which they can live off of. In their words, “We need to generate cash because we can’t eat brick”. Wealth Practitioners has taken a private lawyer’s asset portfolio and increased his net estate by $600,000 CAD while reducing his annual tax bill by fifteen grand per year.

This isn’t the first time Wealth Practitioners has been able to pull off such a stunt. Another CEO of a major corporation reached out to Wealth Practitioners privately, and the firm was able to recover $100,000 in taxes which he used to replenish his RSP from 7 years prior to starting his business. This man is now highly successful with his asset portfolio and business history remaining private and secure.

It’s not only business owners that Wealth Practitioners have rescued from tough financial situations. Believe it or not, they too have also given the benefit to doctors as well. A high-class doctor saved over $200K in personal taxes when he sold his investment property because of how the firm structured his original real estate purchase. Since then he has been coming back to the Practitioners again and again. Today, he now owns a medical building due to the management of Wealth Practitioners. This is the true power, of having the right financial team behind you.

We can see their approach is collaborative because it would be strange to say only one person knows it all. Everyone’s situation is unique, with different challenges. This is why the founder of Wealth Practitioners has built a team of skillful individuals that are capable of exceeding what clients need. They acknowledge these challenges and move past them, with their clients’ goal in mind.

What’s next in plan for the future of Wealth Practitioners? From starting up small in just Toronto to then expanding clientele trust and portfolio across Canada, with start-up rumors going around on social media about a new Wealth Practitioners Head office coming –
They are officially expanding their team and in search for passionate, creative intelligence, independent professionals who are willing to roll up their sleeves. They have progressive views, with a traditional approach. It’s clear that they like to get to know their clients to tailor solutions that are best for them. Wealth Practitioners has gained such a profound interest online with an incredibly fast-growing audience on their Instagram, and website where clients and new seekers have deliberately been reading up on.

Ideally you are Independent sole practitioners in the following professions, looking for growth: real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, insurance brokers, bookkeepers, accountants and business consultants.

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