Gentle Family Chiropractic – Trusted Chiropractor London Ontario Offers Gentle Chiropractic Services to People and Animals in Ontario

June 08 14:06 2021
Gentle Family Chiropractic - Trusted Chiropractor London Ontario Offers Gentle Chiropractic Services to People and Animals in Ontario

London, Ontario – Determined to help everyone feel and function better, Gentle Family Chiropractic offers safe, effective, and up-to-date chiropractic practices in London, Ontario. With 24 years of expertise assisting patients with symptoms including neck pain, low back pain, and even sinus pain through chiropractic care, Dr. Maya Pande, the gentle chiropractor, has helped hundreds of patients alleviate their pain.

Sciatica, upper mid back pain, and headaches are just a few of the other conditions that have been found to benefit from Dr. Maya Pande’s chiropractic technique. In general, pain starts when there is an increase in inflammation in the joints, ligaments and nerves. When untreated, the inflammation worsens over time, resulting in symptoms like pain. Gentle Chiropractic Family adjustments may help reduce inflammation and pain, helping you feel better and resume your regular activities again. Dr. Maya Pande, a certified Doctor of Chiropractic in London, ON, can assess if chiropractic is the best treatment option for you.

Dr. Maya Pande is certified in Webster’s Technique, which is a chiropractic method that was designed for the sole purpose of helping women out during their pregnancies. It is a gentle method that balances the pelvis and the rest of the spine to allow for better function. Balancing the spine and pelvis may help decrease inflammation, and discomfort. Dr. Maya Pande uses Webster’s Technique to help your baby have enough room to get into the best position for birth, in some cases, preventing caesarean deliveries. Studies show Chiropractic care may reduce labor time. Dr. Maya Pande is a Webster Technique-trained chiropractor in London Ontario, who is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

Chiropractic care is not just for adults but also for children. Dr. Maya Pande’s youngest patient was only 36 hours old when she had her first adjustment. The birth process can be difficult for babies and gentle chiropractic care can help offset certain problems such as head tilt, and poor latching during breastfeeding. In toddlers and older children falls, rough play, and excess stress can trigger headaches, growing pains, and other problems. Fortunately, Gentle Family Chiropractic in London, ON has practical solutions for your child’s aches and pains.

In addition, Dr. Maya Pande is a certified Animal Chiropractic in London, Ontario and offers affordable house call animal chiropractic services. Your whole family (including your pets) can benefit from chiropractic care at Gentle Family Chiropractic.

Experience a fine way of healing with Gentle Family Chiropractic. The office is located at 724 Adelaide Street North, London, Ontario, N5Y 2L5, CA. For a top-rated chiropractor in London ON, contact Dr. Maya Pande via phone at 519-476-8700 or visit their website for more information.

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