Geneva Livingstone (Coach G) Aims To Help High-Achieving Women After Loss With Using Effective Assessments

August 09 01:55 2022
When someone dies, the deceased’s loved ones need to cope with their grief. It is also essential for people around them to treat the matter with a certain etiquette. Death Etiquette is Grief Coaching that helps people, especially high-achieving women who are grieving, cope with their loss.

As a grief coach, Geneva Livingstone wants to help successful women who have experienced a loss find themselves again. After a loss, it’s common for women to throw themselves into their work to keep their minds busy and away from the pain they are feeling. However, this can lead to burnout and further emotional distress. Geneva(Coach G)Livingstone provides effective grief coaching sessions and assessments to help women grieve healthily and regain balance in their lives. 

When working with clients, Geneva(CoachG) Livingstone has found that the more they know about themselves, the stronger they will become when dealing with grief. Understanding how a person thinks and processes information, Geneva (Coach G) Livingstone helps clients tremendously. She believes that a self-knowledge is a powerful tool that can help people in all aspects of their lives, and by understanding their thoughts and emotions, people can overcome grief. This is what Geneva Livingstone aims to do for her clients through her coaching.

Death is a natural process that happens to everyone. It is something that all people have to go through at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, death is not always a peaceful process. Sometimes it can be very difficult and traumatic for those left behind. When a loved one dies, most people are at a loss for what to do or say. They may not know how to act around the bereaved or what is appropriate to say. This lack of knowledge can lead to awkwardness and discomfort for everyone involved. Death Etiquette was created by Geneva Livingstone after seeing how people had a difficult time knowing how to interact with a griever. 

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According to Geneva Livingstone, “I am a certified professional coach who has worked with clients for years. I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Death Etiquette Geneva Livingstone (Coach G) was created after seeing how people had difficulty knowing how to interact with a griever. From starting with 0 followers to over 6.5k in just over a year, Death Etiquette has grown tremendously, and our community of grievers continues to grow. We feel so honored that so many beautiful hearts and souls have come together in one space to share., find support, and give encouraging words to others.”

What separates Geneva Livingstone’s work from others is the use of assessments to gauge the emotional state and thinking process that the clients have. This information helps Geneva Livingstone to provide tailored support that meets the individual’s needs. Grief coaching can be beneficial for both family and friends of the deceased as well as work colleagues. It can help everyone understand what the bereaved are experiencing and how they can best support them. 

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Death Etiquette  by Geneva (Coach G)Livingstone can make grieving easier and help ensure that everyone involved feels safe and understood.

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