Protector Digital Currency Grid Trading Platform

  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2022

Protector digital currency grid trading platform, was ceremoniously launched by old-brand Protector Fintech Investment Group, In October 2019 in California and has underwent upgradation in 2022. Protector implies a protector for global users and for wealth and hope, to realize “code is law” and “block is justice”. Currently backed up by resources, funds and talents in California, Protector is now a grid trading services provider for over one million users worldwide, And raising a new round of wealth rush wave in the field of global digital currency.

As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads, global digitalization has developed unprecedentedly and digital currency grid trading has become the rising star in global financial services industry. Economic, industrial and financial digitalization has been recognized globally, speeding up digitalization itself. However, there are more problems in the development of digital economy. For example, a lack of inclusiveness in digital economy and global rules on data security and privacy protection. What is certain is that digital economy will have a greater role to play in solving these problems.

Protector offer professional service that is safe, concentrated and customer-made. Here our customers can enjoy automatic smart transactions and all-time online customer service. With excellent customer service, we aim to build an operation system that taps into business values to the most. Furthermore, we are committed to the design and development of the grid trading global platform with multiple encryption, core encryption technology and the algorithmic business.

Protector digital currency grid trading platform are strong in both security and inclusiveness. First, as every trading platform does, Protector protects the digital assets for all the users. Second, our trading system can adapt to the increasing transactions as both distributed processing and parallel processing have been applied.

It is noteworthy that an app of targeted-poverty-alleviation that is based on global agricultural products will be launched. Thanks to the on-chain data, our users can track all the information of the products in the ecological digital mall from their sources to logistics. On-chain data are safe and trustworthy as they are available in real time and can neither be changed nor forged.

Apart from the app of targeted-poverty-alleviation, Protector will promote innovative financing in every possible way and make full use of digital economy. The grid trading platform of Protector has been designed with its core principles since October, 2019. The platform was officially launched in March, 2020. In the second quarter of 2023, our users will be wowed at Protector’s global expansion, in particular, in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. We are proud to see Protector’s contribution to the development of digital currency grid trading, a great leap from the status quo and anxious to see the critical role it will play in this industry.

Protector is a compliant and lawful digital currency grid trading platform, a guardian of users’ rights and interests, a bellwether in encryption,facilitates inclusive services in the digital economy and digital society.

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