Sapphire Dreams Australia: Celebrating Australian sapphires with brilliant designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2022
Australian luxury jewelry company Sapphire Dreams celebrates working with Australian mined sapphires to make stunning jewelry.

Sapphires, the birthstone of September, are revered stones believed to transmit their spiritual strength, bringing good fortune and healing to the holder. The majesty of Australian Sapphires has captured jewelry designers and enthusiasts worldwide, and the rarity of these gems makes sapphire jewelry a sight to behold.

The history of Australian Sapphires dates back to 1851, when the precious stone was first discovered in Cudgegon and Macquarie Rivers. Today, sapphire is found in North Queensland to North-East Tasmania and is mainly concentrated in the highland regions. The largest sapphire deposits are found in New England, which is known chiefly for Blue Sapphires. The color range of Yellow, Green, and Parti sapphires are found in Central Queensland. Sapphire Dreams Australia shares that Australian Sapphires are highly recognized for being more saturated than sapphires from other regions. 

The alluring beauty of sapphires is hard to capture in words, which is why Sapphire Dreams Australia captures this beauty in stunning jewelry. Sapphire Dreams pays tribute to the beauty of Australian Sapphires with its sapphire jewelry collections made from ethically sourced gems in the New South Wales and Queensland fields. Through unique sapphire jewelry pieces, Sapphire Dreams aims to channel the strength and good fortune of sapphires to the wearer of their jewelry pieces.

Sapphire Dreams is an Australian luxury jewelry company with more than five decades experience in the luxury jewelry industry. The company works with Australian gems like rare sapphires to create incredible sapphire jewelry pieces. Sapphire Dreams ensures that all their stones are carefully sourced and passed through the hands of skilled gem cutters who transform them into one-of-a-kind timeless masterpieces. This is one of the ways that Sapphire Dreams Australia has maintained its uncompromised excellence in the industry.

Though known to be blue, Australian sapphires come in a variety of colors, from green, teal, yellow, orange, pinks, and Parti, which is the most unique of them all since one single stone displays two or three clear colors. Sapphire Dreams’ Parti sapphire jewelry is an excellent choice for a statement jewelry piece like an engagement ring, sapphire necklace, or pendant. Sapphire Dreams combines the incredible quality of Australian sapphires with their captivating colors and unbeatable prices to give clients their dream jewelry.

Sapphire Dreams stocks 100% Australian Sapphires, showcased in unique, luxurious designs, enhancing their beauty and rarity. Each jewelry piece has been expertly designed by an in-house jewelry designer in both the 9ct and 18ct collections. The 18 carat collection features extravagant Sapphires in stunning designs, encrusted with white diamonds in halo, trilogy, floral and multi-color styles. While the 9 carat collection is made up of simple, elegant pieces, showcasing Australian Sapphires in all their beauty.

Sapphire Dreams features an exceptional collection of jewelry, from sapphire rings, necklaces, engagement rings, and more, which feature a stunning array of colors. People can browse the extensive jewelry collection on the Sapphire Dreams website.

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