SpaceMine Announces Strategic Partnership with HASH DIVISION for Business Expansion

  • PublishedOctober 5, 2022

 SpaceMine, P2E NFT metaverse game project, announced a strategic partnership with HASH DIVISION, a leading digital hardware distributor in SEA.

Through this partnership, SpaceMine and HASH DIVISION will develop the Southeast Asia market to distribute the SpaceMine Starship HW and SW and attract more game users in SEA.

HASH DIVISION has a long experience and expertise in distributing HW business in the SEA market and currently expanding its blockchain business in the region.

SpaceMine will work closely with HASH DIVISION’s local employees in Vietnam and the Philippines. The main focus will be distributing the SpaceMine StarShip, the automatic mining machine which can mine the mineral resources in the game and transfer them to the SpaceMine wallet App, and target to make a meaningful sales record in 2022.

Meanwhile, SpaceMine’s 1st mini-game ‘SpacePang’ is close to release.

Celebrating its 1st release of the mini-game, SpaceMine will hold an airdrop event for new players of SpacePang. SpaceMine will announce the detailed date and time through the SpaceMine wallet and official telegram community.

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