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Give Nurses & Paramedics Incentives To Break Strike Says Popular UK Travel Blogger

Give Nurses & Paramedics Incentives To Break Strike Says Popular UK Travel Blogger

January 06
22:48 2023
The Government needs to work with Travel Companies, Councils, bus companies, supermarkets, cinemas, and car parks to solve the Nurses and Paramedics pay dispute.

The founder of a popular UK Staycation Travel Blog ( would like to see the Government work with travel companies, councils, bus companies, hospital car parks, supermarkets, and entertainment companies to break the deadlock in nurses and paramedics pay disputes.

Staycations In The UK that offers ideas on places to stay in the UK and great days out for the family is shocked at how the nurses and paramedics have been treated before, during, and post COVID pandemic.

The founder said: “On Thursday 26th March 2020 until 28th May 2020, we clapped for our brave NHS workers. If it was not for their hard work, loyalty, and bravery, more people would have died during the pandemic. Now, the Government is ignoring that bravery.”

Although the founder of Staycations in The UK has said she can understand partly the struggles to meet the Royal College of Nursing request of a 5% pay rise on top of inflation, making it a total pay rise of about 17%, she believes there is a solution.

The founder of has said the Government could work with UK travel companies, Councils, bus companies, supermarkets, cinemas, entertainment venues, and car parks, to provide the hardworking NHS workers with a discount scheme and free perks.

The solution proposed by Staycations In The UK is to provide Nurses and paramedics with up to 50% off their council tax bill, free travel on buses to and from work, and free car parking at hospitals no matter what shift they are working. The UK travel blog would also like to see the Government work with UK travel companies to provide nurses and paramedics with a big discount on one annual holiday per year in the UK. On top of that, nurses and paramedics should receive a 10% discount when shopping at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl, and Morrisons. A discount could also be worked out with entertainment venues such as cinemas.

Boris Johnson promised £350m each week to help improve the NHS which is another promise like more social housing that never happened. The NHS is on its knees and continues to be ignored by the Government.

An analysis by the Nuffield Trust think tank for the BBC has revealed that more than 40,000 Nurses left the NHS in 2021. With so many nurses fed up with their working conditions, the lack of support from the Government, and the low pay, the NHS could see itself at breaking point.

If the Government implemented the suggested discounts and worked with companies to provide nurses and paramedics with discounts, then it would reduce the cost to the Government on the request pay rise. It would also show the brave nurses and paramedics that they are supported and valued, and more nurses would stay and join the NHS.

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