Sparks Law Firm Gives a Guide on Things to Do After a DWI Arrest

  • PublishedJanuary 10, 2023
Sparks Law Firm Gives a Guide on Things to Do After a DWI Arrest
Sparks Law Firm is a team of criminal defense attorneys specializing in federal, juvenile, white collar, violent, drugs, and DWI crimes. In a recent post, the attorneys highlighted the things one should do after a DWI arrest.

Fort Worth, TX – Sparks Law Firm recently gave a guide on the things drivers should do after a DWI arrest. The Fort Worth DWI Lawyer noted that driving with the influence in Texas attracts hefty penalties and adverse consequences. The penalties often include monetary fines, revocation of the driver’s license, community service, or jail time. That’s why clients should know the steps to take immediately after the arrest to avoid compromising the outcomes of their case.

The Fort Worth DWI Attorney encouraged drivers to submit to a chemical test after the arrest. This minimizes the risk of losing a driver’s license and having a criminal case. The team noted that refusal to take the test could lead to anything being used against the client at trial. In most cases, prosecutors argue that the driver refused to take the test to cover their intoxication, which could lead to adverse consequences.

The team also noted that it’s vital to contact a highly qualified DWI Attorney in Fort Worth immediately after the arrest. An attorney helps the client to understand their rights and decide on the best course of action. They also assist clients in finding key witnesses who can testify on their behalf and strengthen their case. Besides, the attorney provides professional legal representation and guidance to avoid making costly mistakes.

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