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FlipBuilder Enables Users to Make Digital Memory Books Easily & Quickly

FlipBuilder Enables Users to Make Digital Memory Books Easily & Quickly

January 10
12:43 2023
FlipBuilder Enables Users to Make Digital Memory Books Easily & Quickly
Create digital memory books with multiple elements using Flip PDF Plus Pro.
People use photos to keep memories of special occasions alive. A digital memory book made with Flip PDF Plus Pro is a unique way to preserve such memories.

Photos are a great way to ensure that moments are not forgotten. Printed photos tend to fade over time, however, and besides, hardly anyone prints photos anymore. They’re more likely to use various cloud storage platforms and other digital storage options. Of course, as with any technology, there’s the risk of data loss or compromise. Creating a digital memory book is another way of keeping treasured memories safe and there’s no better way to create one than with Flip PDF Plus Pro.

Flip PDF Plus Pro does more than create a collection of photos. It allows users to capture all the excitement of their memories. Users can add audio, videos, animations, and more to their digital memory books. That way, users are allowed to put a soundtrack to the memories that match the tempo of when they were created and include videos of events that capture more detail than photos alone. They are able to even add snippets of text describing each photo or video to ensure the story behind it is remembered.

Creating the digital memory book with Flip PDF Plus Pro is easy. Users simply upload their static PDFs and they will be converted to dynamic, page-turning memory books in seconds. The digital memory book is fully customizable – users just choose preset themes, scenes, and templates and then add a personal touch to make it unique. There’s no need to write any code, just click, drag, and drop.

The digital memory book created with Flip PDF Plus Pro can be published in various formats including HTML, EXE, APP, APK, and WordPress Plugins, and is available for offline and online distribution. Users are able to share their digital memory books by simply copying the auto-generated link and sharing it via email, messaging apps, or on social media. Anyone will access the publication by clicking the link, no download is required. It works on all types of devices and displays beautifully on different-sized screens. 

“We’re proud to be able to help our users preserve their memories with a digital memory book,” says Alice Lee, Marketing of FlipBuilder.

To learn more about creating a digital memory book, please visit FlipBuilder.

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