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USAZON Ecommerce Platform Offering American-Owned Products on Amazon, Leading Push to Support Small Local Businesses

USAZON Ecommerce Platform Offering American-Owned Products on Amazon, Leading Push to Support Small Local Businesses

January 12
21:27 2023
USA-owned and operated eCommerce company, USAZON, launched a movement to call attention to the percentage of foreign products offered on Amazon and to shift support toward small to mid-size American-owned businesses. Foreign wholesalers choke the market with cheap products, forcing smaller companies out of business.

Online retailer USAZON offers shoppers the opportunity to support USA-owned brands on Amazon. By creating a distribution platform and fulfilling orders through Amazon Prime, USAZON helps level the playing field for American small eCommerce businesses. Buying products from USAZON supports small American online retailers while still taking advantage of the 2-3 day shipping through Amazon.

“Sadly, 90 percent of all products on Amazon are from foreign companies,” USAZON founders said. “Our mission is to give you the opportunity to support USA-owned Amazon brands and give them a chance against large corporate competition.”

A varied catalog of products 

USAZON offers a wide range of products with a catalog of goods from USA-owned online retail companies. USAZON offers fair listing fees and fair market competition, helping American business owners gain exposure and a chance to compete against the powerful foreign corporations.

–  Home and Kitchen
–  Children’s Toys
–  Tools and Home Improvement
–  Sports and the Great Outdoors
–  Patio, Lawn, and Garden

“Shop now and support small USA brands. We can make a difference together,” USAZON representatives said. “List on USAZON; we will manage your brands. Fulfill through Amazon without the competition of Chinese wholesalers.”

Featured product: Swop Its Companions

Online retailer USA ZON announced its latest featured product, Swop Its, a collection of fidget toys meant for calming children and developing emotional intelligence through play. Many parents use fidget toys to help children stay calm in overstimulating environments. They are especially popular with children with disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, ADHD, and hyperactivity. 

The entire line of Swop Its companions comes with a removable glow-in-the-dark heart, which serves to help keep children calm at night, teach them emotional awareness, and build their sense of responsibility. Children fidget for many reasons, and fidget toys can help make overstimulating situations manageable by giving them a healthy outlet to focus their energy.

How Amazon hurts small businesses

Amazon frequently harms smaller American sellers with aggressive pricing and business practices, according to USAZON. The eCommerce giant has reportedly copied products to sell at lower prices, supported third-party sellers, sold products at a loss or colossal discount, and failed to offer transparency, among other complaints. USAZON strives to support local American small businesses by maintaining a platform designed to meet American business owners’ and consumers’ needs and interests. 

“Shop today and help us take the power back,” USAZON representatives said. 


Visit the company’s website to learn more about USAZON and its efforts to support USA-owned and operated small eCommerce businesses. Reach out on Facebook and Instagram to connect with the brand over social media.

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