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Sabahattin Seven – They Are About To Realize A Surprise Business Partnership

Sabahattin Seven – They Are About To Realize A Surprise Business Partnership

January 12
21:36 2023

Sabahattin Seven continues to draw attention with his breakthroughs and projects in Germany, where he was born and grew up, and in Turkey after 2008.  Seven, who is a finance expert, also established a telecommunication company in the years he came to Turkey and provided job opportunities to hundreds of people working with him. 

At the same time, Stock Exchange and Finance expert Sabahattin Seven focused on realizing a business partnership, whose name he keeps as a surprise, as well as his offices in Turkey and Germany.  Informing that he is planning to make a surprise business partnership in Wall ST, one of the most famous streets of New York, Sabahattin Seven said that he has targets and projects in many countries. 

Explaining the secret of their successful work, Seven said, “Whatever you do, you have to put discipline and determination first.  The biggest reason why we talk about our achievements today is our disciplined and targeted progress.  We set our goal, we planned the challenges we will face and what we will achieve along the way.  The reward for our work certainly makes us happy.  Believing is half the battle.” 

Sabahattin Seven, who is frequently appreciated by the agenda with his help to stray animals, said, “Every living thing on the street should be protected.  Believe me, a handful of food saves lives in the cold winter months.  While it is more possible for our street animals to find food in the summer months, unfortunately it is more difficult in the winter months.  I have been providing both food and nest facilities for years.  I will continue to provide it from now on.”  said. 

Saying that they are preparing a large-scale project on stray animals, Seven said, “We have prepared a large project covering 81 provinces of our country.  We will provide food and a home for all our animals on the street.  This project will not be a one-off.  We are in a continuous project.  As long as I exist, I will continue to be a home to all the homeless.”  he said.

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