Motivational Speaker Krissy Martinez Is Teaching Leadership Development As The CEO Mom

  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2023
Kristin (Krissy) Martinez is the ideal keynote speaker for any leadership event to tackle the big questions and issues. She is a big advocate of balancing work and family life while still being as successful as one has the potential to be.

When businesses are trying to develop their leadership team, one of the best ways is to bring in a professional and experienced keynote speaker to teach them an outside perspective. The right speaker can make a massive impact and really help guide management in the right direction to ultimately make a business and their employees thrive. 

Krissy Martinez comes highly recommended by many industry professionals. She’s a powerhouse speaker known as the CEO Mom. With a variety of topics to tackle, depending on the business needs, she’s ready and willing to make an impact on any company’s leadership team. 

Krissy Martinez as a speaker

Krissy’s goal as a speaker is to “Help people lead authentically, to live out their purpose, and feel internally motivated to break ceilings and create loyal followings of employees, all while having a family.”

As a mother, Krissy has a unique perspective on leadership in the business industry. The CEO Mom advocates for a balance of a successful working life and a fulfilling family life at the same time. This take on the professional world isn’t frequently discussed, and for Krissy, it’s one of the most important aspects. No one can truly be successful at work if they aren’t fulfilled and happy with the amount of quality time they get with their family. 

When it comes to keynote speaking, Krissy has several topics she likes to tackle for the business industry. The first is a crucial one, especially in today’s job market. It is resignation and retention. For this topic, she delves deep into determining the true causes of employee dissatisfaction. If a company is paying a fair wage and still losing employees, there are deeper issues that need to be addressed, and it’s the job of that company’s leadership to take that responsibility. With Krissy’s guidance, identifying those issues is much more attainable. 

Productivity is another huge topic for businesses and one that Krissy is an expert on. If a company finds themselves with employees who are doing just the bare minimum to get by or even not meeting expectations, this probably isn’t an employee issue. Having a lot of low-performing employees goes back to leadership. What is leadership doing to motivate their employees? What environment are they creating for those employees to work in? Krissy addresses this and much more. 

Teaming and working in teams can be a struggle with various levels of performance across those team members. Krissy discusses how to balance that team and ensure everyone feels good about the teamwork happening. If a team is having issues, she talks about different ways to get the team back on track. 


Krissy Martinez is a highly recommended female motivational speaker. The founder and CEO of Purple co said, “It is a pleasure to recommend Kristin as a speaker.” This was following his attendance at a 2019 conference in which she was a speaker. 

“Kristin is a natural leader that is a force for good in the business world,” another CEO says. 

Every business can benefit from an outside perspective, and Krissy Martinez is a great choice to educate and motivate leadership teams. 

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