Anthony Korculanic Talks About Sustainability in Nuclear Energy

  • PublishedJanuary 17, 2023
Anthony Korculanic is the president of XO Media and a distinguished expert in architecture & design. He talked about the sustainability of nuclear energy and its potential to become the prime source of renewable energy.

Nuclear energy is among, if not the largest and most important source of clean energy, generating hundreds of billions of kilowatt hours annually while keeping potentially hazardous emissions at a bare minimum.

Anthony Korculanic, the president of XO Media pointed out that renewability rather than sustainability is a critical factor for ensuring that the world’s key clean energy contributor remains at humankind’s disposal in the long term. 

Sustainability refers to maintaining while renewability refers to replenishing a resource that is otherwise available in finite amounts. To help his readers and clients better understand the potential pitfall of sustainability in nuclear energy, Mr. Anthony Korculanic briefly touched on the process of generating nuclear energy. 

Uranium atoms are split into fission products (particles) in nuclear reactors, which then cause chain reactions with other atoms of uranium. The energy discharged from this process generates heat. As Mr. Anthony Korculanic imparted, the main factor hindering the sustainability of nuclear energy is the fact that most reactors rely on mined ore as their primary uranium source. 

Ore is not a renewable resource, and all nations rely heavily on it for a variety of reasons; from empowering national infrastructure to creating pieces of jewelry or other decorative items, nearly immeasurable quantities of ore are being processed and ultimately wasted daily. 

With less mined ore available each minute, the process of creating nuclear energy is brought into question. As Mr. Anthony Korculanic imparts, countries and nations cannot pursue their hunt for new deposits indefinitely. At one point, the global availability of mined ore will be limited and countries will be forced to ration their use of ore or import it – both options will inevitably cause ore levels to dwindle. 

Mr. Anthony Korculanic imparts that a solution to this problem exists. Studies in recent years have confirmed that roughly 4 billion tonnes lie uncollected and unprocessed in a resource available to most countries – seawater. 

The most pressing issue with collecting uranium from seawater is that it is available in small concentrations (approximately 3.3 parts per billion). Selective extraction can be seen as a temporary solution, but it is still unclear whether such operations can be cost-effective unless specialized technologies, methods, and machinery are developed. 

Experts have relied on Scheider & Sachde’s braid system to determine two key factors regarding the costs of extracting uranium from seawater, which are collection and mooring, accounting for approximately 88% of total extraction costs. 

Mr. Anthony Korculanic stated that even though uranium contained in seawater can not compare to the usefulness of mined ore, the fact that an alternative exists is more than reassuring.  

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