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Author Lana Pflanz Empowers Mothers To Find Purpose In The Empty Nest Years

Author Lana Pflanz Empowers Mothers To Find Purpose In The Empty Nest Years

January 24
03:39 2023
Lana Pflanz writes a beautiful book on overcoming sadness, loneliness and pain after her daughters leave the nest. Her journey takes her on a wonderful discovery of a new life of purpose and meaning after motherhood.

“Empty nest syndrome is a real phenomenon that is painful and can become a very destructive thing in any person’s life if not dealt with” ( 2021/02).

Lana Pflanz is a holistic wellness coach who experienced the very difficult empty nest syndrome when both her daughters moved out of the family home three years ago.

Pflanz realized the enormity of the empty nest syndrome when she could not control the overwhelming sadness and the uncontrollable crying that lasted for weeks.

Pflanz knew she had to help other mothers going through the empty nest phase of life, to see hope again in their futures.

Pflanz wrote a book titled, “Know Your Truth; Set Yourself Free” specifically for empty nest Moms, to move triumphantly through the empty nest and into a future filled with purpose and joy.

Pflanz’s book enables women to work through the sadness, emptiness, and loneliness of the empty nest and find new purpose, meaning, and happiness in their life again.

After motherhood, Pflanz struggled with her own identity;

  • who was she if she was not a full time mom
  • what would have as much meaning as raising her children
  • where would she put her time and energy now

Empty nest moms have devoted decades of their lives to their children. Now that their children are gone, they feel their purpose in life is also gone. They need new tools and guidance to discover a new purpose in life.

As Pflanz states in her book, “…(this) is your root “Why?”. The ultimate driving force TO you to accomplish anything in life. This will get you out of bed in the morning. This will propel you forward. This is what you need to take care of, nourish and protect in your life. This is your new core value as an empty nest Mom. This is your new path. This is you!” (p107).

As Pflanz wrestled through her own empty nest struggles, and shares the lessons she learned in the book, one reader, Laura, responded, “Your enthusiasm for continual growth, learning and searching till you figure it out, is inspiring! I feel spurred on!”

Planz says “Empty nest syndrome doesn’t have to destroy lives, it can be a catalyst to live your best life ever! I am so excited to share this book with mothers everywhere!”

With stories and exercises, Pflanz guides women through the emotional mindfield of the empty nest and out to the other side towards true identity, purpose, confidence, and security as they boldly step into their bright, brand-new future!

Know Your Truth; Set Yourself Free by Lana Pflanz is available on Amazon

Lana Pflanz is available for interviews.

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