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Superior Data Science provides a comprehensive AI Solution

Superior Data Science provides a comprehensive AI Solution

February 01
05:19 2023
Superior Data Science provides a comprehensive AI Solution

A company in Dallas, Texas is providing a solution to common problems faced in machine learning and data science hiring. They’re so confident and believes in the value of AI so much, that they’re offering 1 week of free AI consulting. 


Gartner reports that 85% of machine learning projects fail, and according to TechRepublic, 85% of AI projects fail to bring their intended results to the business. 

Here is why:

· Problem 1: No Data Science Project Management

· Problem 2: A Low Opportunity Cost of Project Churn

· Problem 3: Hired Expertise comes with AI Expertise only

· Problem 4: No matter how good the AI model is, it needs a home for profitable execution.

A comprehensive solution is needed:

Superior Data Science LLC (SDS) is offering a packaged deal that includes effective project management, experienced data engineers, and custom dev-ops pipelines for effective delivery. The team at SDS has a proven track record of success, with years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of the latest ML techniques and technologies. They have worked on a wide range of projects, from fraud detection, image recognition to natural language processing. Their lead consultant and project manager has both technical and business expertise, and has worked at reputable corporate firms such as Standard and Poors, Bell Flight, Citigroup, Propelled Brands, etc.

This organization offers a deal where projects are managed by an experienced project manager. This project manager also provides an effective single point of communication to the client, as complex platforms are built for ROI. Experienced data and cloud engineers create custom dev-ops pipelines for delivery, perfectly fitting of your business and monitoring any faults as they arise. We’re proud to have worked on a wide range of projects, from custom ai solutions to fraud detection. We’re looking forward to bringing you value next.

Additionally, SDS machine learning engineers hold certifications in popular cloud platforms. They also have strong technical skills in pythonic programming language, ML frameworks such as Pytorch, TensorFlow and Scikit-learn, cloud computing platforms like GCP, AWS and Azure, and big data tools like Hadoop and Spark. If you don’t know any of these tools do not worry, basically the client gets the best artificial intelligence technology out in the market. To be more comprehensive, they also place models in continuous integration and development pipelines for proper monitoring and timely execution.

Furthermore, the team’s unique combination of business acumen and technical expertise allows not only design and development of ML models but also effective communication with your business – specifically explaining the value and ROI of these models to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Effective communication is a crucial aspect of machine learning projects. With Superior Data Science, communication is reserved to one project manager, who manages the entire engineering process on your behalf. The project manager places great emphasis on strong verbal and written communication skills, so that even non-technical stakeholders are excited, understands and forecasts the value of the completed AI model(s). Stated another way, the project manager is comfortable presenting the completed work to others so that complex ML concepts and its delivery pipeline is understood in simple terms. For every client, they provide a proposal presentation, a statement of work, project governance document, regular update documents and a final presentation.

Hiring from SDS ensures the project has proper data science project management and a greater potential for of higher return on investment.

Contact details:

Name: Jobin Thomas

Designation: CEO, Data Science Project Manager

Number: +1 (214) 518 – 9248

Email: [email protected]

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