BTC-NEWSWIRE Announces the First Bitcoin Payout for their Affiliate Program

February 23 17:11 2023

The world is very large and not everyone has access to a banking account and therefore many people are actually prohibited from working online due to the difficult nature of getting paid. Additionally with so many vendors worried about customer charge backs from merchant services the vendors are increasingly delaying payment to the Affiliate member even though the Affiliate has provided the work bringing new clients to the vendors. BTC-NEWSWIRE believes that offering fast and reliable payments to it’s Affiliates is the wave of the future for people to get paid immediately and not suffer from delayed vendor holding of funds for work done. The world needs something that works fast and easy and can be trusted from the vendor to the affiliate and Bitcoin payments is the solution.

BTC-NEWSWIRE offers a unique process for Affiliates paying them within 48 hours as BTC-NEWSWIRE clients all pay in cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin. There are no charge backs when paying with Bitcoin and the process is confirmed within a few minutes. As a huge bonus BTC-NEWSWIRE actually pays their affiliates peer to peer without any middlemen involved and gets the funds transferred to them within 48 hours. The 48 hours is the time frame for BTC-NEWSWIRE to deliver services to it’s Crypto and Energy niche market Press Release services.


BTC-NEWSWIRE is a leading edge delivery service of Crypto News from 12 major crypto outlets and it’s Press Release services. We offer tremendous value and distribution of Press Releases worldwide for our clients. Our Press Release services can be called wholesale pricing as it’s one of the least expensive services in the Crypto industry. Additionally for qualified clients BTC-NEWSWIRE also offers a 50% Discount on Press Releases services offered here.

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