Levy Electric Scooters expands from personal ownership to public fleets in the wake of city exits from Bird and Lime.

February 24 00:28 2023

The company behind the popular lightweight Levy Electric Scooter is expanding further into the rental space with its launch of Levy Fleets

While Levy has been operating electric scooter rental fleets in the US since 2018, this expansion is their latest step in providing increased access to scooter sharing nation-wide. With their latest platform upgrades, individuals will be able to spin up their own sharing fleet on Levy’s network with as few as 4 scooters.

The electric scooter rental space has seen rapid consolidation and exits over the last year, with many operators either shutting down or merging with larger companies.  Bird and Lime have abandoned smaller markets leaving voids in publicly available rental fleets that local residents  heavily relied on.  

Levy Electric aims to keep cities mobile despite the absence of big-box rental operators, and provide local operators a turn-key solution for keeping electric scooters in their cities. The Levy Fleets platform includes vehicles (electric scooters or bikes), backend software and mobile apps, customer support, and marketing infrastructure.  

While Levy is primarily known as a manufacturer of lightweight, foldable personally owned electric scooters, made popular during the pandemic, the company is growing with demand and expanding to rentals. 

“The business model of coming to a city and dropping hundreds of scooters on public streets and sidewalks was never economically viable, nor was it well-received by cities. Our goal with Levy Fleets is to partner with local operators and businesses that are already well positioned to serve their community.” Founder & CEO Eric Levenseller stated. 

“Levy has been strongly focused on building software that supports this concept of micro-fleets.  Small fleets of scooters that can be maintained with care and managed from private locations: hotels, apartment complexes, retail stores, etc.  Getting scooters off public property reduces theft, vandalism, and unauthorized use – and greatly increases the ability to properly maintain and charge scooters.”

These latest releases to their software platform will allow individuals who own Levy Fleet scooters to control when they are available for rent as well as set their own rates & pricing.  Levy continues to handle customer registration, verification, billing, and backend customer support.  Vehicle owners are paid out 80% of all revenue generated through rentals. 

It will take time to show how this rental model ultimately fairs, but Levy scooters have already proven successful in the market for personal use and ownership.  All of their models utilize removable battery packs, which are commonly seen on high-end electric bikes but much rarer on electric scooters, especially on a scooter that costs just $529 at the entry level.   

Their design has also been popular in the rental space for couriers – riders who need the virtually unlimited range that multiple Levy battery packs can provide throughout the day, cutting out charge-time.

While the global market for micro-mobility is growing rapidly, with a mix of electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds at the forefront – it will be interesting to see the dynamic shift between renting, owning, or even subscribing. Levy aims to provide solutions to as many of these segments as possible, from those looking to rent for a few hours or a few months, to those looking to start their own commercial fleet.  

For more information on Levy’s commercial products, reach out to [email protected]

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