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DE Star: Web3 Fashion Startup Secures $700k in Angel Funding with Ambition to Bring Asian Heritages into the Metaverse

DE Star: Web3 Fashion Startup Secures $700k in Angel Funding with Ambition to Bring Asian Heritages into the Metaverse

February 24
03:19 2023

DE Star, a fashion startup founded by a Parsons alumni with the goal of developing a Web3 Asian-futuristic phygital co-creation fashion label, has recently completed its seed round financing.

Creative directors have long played a crucial role in traditional fashion brands. Their ability to lead a brand in a new direction or rejuvenate an ailing brand can be invaluable. However, if talented directors become stagnant and fail to keep up with current trends, customers may become bored with homogenous products. The challenge of reducing the divide between customers and brands remains unresolved, however, web3 technology presents a potential solution.

DE Star is founded by Eva(Juewei) Liu, who brings a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, including working with top fashion venture capital firms, leading luxury groups, and education background in Parsons and Central Saint Martins. Eva has assembled a team of professionals with diverse skills, including veteran cryptocurrency traders, fashion investors, pioneering artists, and seasoned engineers. The upcoming first drop will be NFT created by global-renowned artists and give holders access to DE Star’s future drops, airdrop benefits, voting rights, and phygital exclusive events. The company’s mission is to create fashion that serves the next generation’s needs for self-expression, aesthetics, socialisation, participation, and democratic spirits in the metaverse by focusing on the needs and desires of customers. As Eva stated, “We are not creating fashion by one creative director, we are creating fashion by thousands of members who love Asian Art. DE is a fashion brand of the members, by the members, and for the members.”

DE Star aims to make fashion more democratic and decentralised through its design, production, distribution, and ownership. The company’s community members play a key role in defining the brand’s Asian-futuristic aesthetic, philosophy, and future product releases. DE Star empowers community members through smart contracts and gamification, allowing them to shape the brand’s artworks and earn rewards such as loyalty benefits and secondary market resale revenue.

DE Star leverages the power of NFTs, blockchain authentication, AIGC technology, augmented reality, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to democratize fashion design and empower people of all skill levels to create and sell their own fashion products. DE Star not only inherited the intangible cultural heritage of Asia and the civilization of Asia, but also the democratic spirit of The Enlightenment. The company believes that in the new metaverse, civilization should be futurized rather than allowed to perish, and is leading a DAO of artists, designers, fashion enthusiasts, and brands to redefine traditional Asian art and culture through the concept of Asian-Futurism. 

For more information about DE Star, please visit the company’s website at or email to [email protected].

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