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What Is The Difference Between Calcium Formate And Calcium Nitrate

What Is The Difference Between Calcium Formate And Calcium Nitrate

February 24
15:13 2023

What is the difference between calcium formate and calcium nitrate, and what are their advantages in calcium supplementation for crops?

Every early spring, farmers planting farmland will start to choose fertilizers for crops. The growth and development of crops is important for the supply of fertilizers. According to everyone’s general perception, crops have a high demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but in reality In fact, the demand for calcium by crops is actually higher than that for phosphorus.

Every time it rains, the calcium in the crops will be greatly lost, because the evaporation of the crops will become stronger after the weather, and the absorption of calcium will also become stronger, so the calcium in the crops will be washed away when it rains, which will cause Calcium deficiency in crops, the obvious manifestation of calcium deficiency in crops is that it will cause scorch in cabbage, cabbage, etc., which is what we often call yellowing of vegetable leaves, and it will also cause rot in tomatoes, peppers, etc.

The crops that farmers have worked so hard for several months cannot fail because of calcium deficiency. Therefore, calcium supplementation for crops has become the top priority of farmers.There are many calcium supplement products on the market, which make some farmers confused. They don’t even know what are the different advantages of so many calcium supplement products, so I will give two examples of calcium supplement products here, so that everyone can understand more intuitively learn.

Calcium Nitrate vs Calcium Formate

calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate has a calcium content of 25. Compared with other ordinary calcium supplement products, the calcium content is quite considerable. It is a small crystal with white or slightly other colors. It has strong hygroscopicity and its solubility is relatively small affected by temperature. It belongs to the type of basic inorganic calcium.Calcium nitrate is still relatively easy to agglomerate and soluble in water, but because of its relatively high nitrogen content (nitrogen content: 15%) and nitrogen fertilizer, it will cause crops to crack and fruit, and it will also make crops grow Slow, but it’s relatively cheap.

calcium formate

The calcium content of calcium formate is greater than 30, which is better than calcium nitrate. It is a white crystalline powder. It is easy to absorb and not easy to agglomerate. It does not contain nitrogen, so don’t worry about it being used together with nitrogen fertilizer. It is reflected that it is relatively convenient to use, and it is widely used in granular fertilizers.

To sum up, calcium formate has a higher calcium content and is easier to absorb. It does not contain nitrogen. There is no need to worry about hidden dangers when used with nitrogen fertilizers. The price is also relatively low compared with calcium nitrate. Everyone is choosing You can choose calcium supplement products suitable for crops according to your own needs.

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