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Strength Of The Oak, Strength Of The Willow, By Andrew L. Anderson, Becomes A #1 International Best-Selling Book

Strength Of The Oak, Strength Of The Willow, By Andrew L. Anderson, Becomes A #1 International Best-Selling Book

March 07
05:22 2023
Strength Of The Oak, Strength Of The Willow, By Andrew L. Anderson, Becomes A #1 International Best-Selling Book

Ground yourself to your purpose
Andrew L. Anderson announces that his book, Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow, has reached #1 international best-selling status.

Best-selling author, transformational speaker, and breakthrough coach Andrew L. Anderson’s book Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow has become a #1 international best-seller. The book is about finding courage and compassion in a turbulent world. It has reached #1 best-selling status in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, and Mexico for a total of 47 best-selling categories, with #1 ranking in six categories.

“I am happy to announce that my book Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow has reached #1 international best-selling status in multiple categories and many countries,” says Andrew L. Anderson. “The book has something refreshing and unique about what courage looks like in your commitment to your Life Mission. You’ll also be enlightened regarding the crucial role that compassion plays in helping you fulfill this mission. That combination of courage and compassion is powerfully synergistic.”

Andrew wants his readers to remain steadfastly committed to their purpose, their Life Mission, and the values and principles that will uphold them along the way. He wants them to lean into and learn from everything that God asks them to encounter.

According to the author, in today’s situation, when faith is faltering and fears are found at every turn, there is a need for leaders who inspire and words that heal. He says his book will help build leaders for our families, relationships, marriages, friendships, businesses, places of worship, and nations.

Andrew wants readers to walk away with riveted courage and uncommon compassion, ready to lead, love, and serve the bleeding world.

“There’s a dormant, God-given power of personal freedom and potential that most have always longed for but never found, he added. “This power is waiting to be revealed on these pages. I want these principles and tools that I share to be easily and transformationally applied in everyone’s lives.”

Andrew will soon launch his eight-week online workshop called 7 Proven Steps to Solving Uncertainty. It aims to provide a proven recipe for breaking destructive habits – transformation is possible. Andrew helps you identify what is truly important to you and how to make those dreams a reality. Walk away from this experience feeling empowered, confident and on the right path.

The author wants everyone to find their own passion. They must find that one thing that fills their soul to the brim. Yet, they must know how to detach.

“When we can step out and become an observer of our life, we’re no longer at the mercy of the moment, the hour, the day, the week, the month, or the year. We then become co-creators with the Divine,” he added.

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About Andrew L. Anderson:

Everybody yearns to have at least one person in their life who believes in them; that they can do what they say they can do, who believes they can be the person they want to be. Andrew is that person. Andrew grew up in Boise, ID. He served a two-year service mission for his church to Belgium and France. He went on to receive a master’s degree in Education and loved teaching high school students for six years. Since 2015, Andrew has cultivated this teaching passion as a #1 International Best-Selling author, speaker and coach, helping individuals break through limiting beliefs, transform their lives and businesses and find lasting freedom. When away from work, you can find Andrew with his family on the soccer field, basketball court, recital halls, or the mountains of Idaho. His wife and six kids drive his Life Mission. At the end of the day, know this: Andrew will take a stand for your greatness more than you will stand for your own limitations. He will fight harder for your possibilities than you do.

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