Live Wire Reporter Discusses Reasons To Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Orthodontic Practice Management Software Discusses Reasons To Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Orthodontic Practice Management Software

March 07
06:43 2023 Discusses Reasons To Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Orthodontic Practice Management Software

Every orthodontist’s top concern should be their patients. For those who run their own practices, though, that’s not always the case. Dealing with all of the daily hassles that come along with running a business can wind up cutting into time that should be spent on patient care, but it doesn’t have to. With the right practice management software, orthodontists can reduce busywork and increase the amount of time they spend caring for patients.

As Five Leading Orthodontic Software Providers Form Collaboration Under PracticeTek, many practices are planning to upgrade their management software. Now is a good time to consider making the switch to a cloud-based option. Read on to find out why.

Update and Access Information in Real Time

Cloud-based systems allow patient data to be updated in real-time and then accessed from anywhere. Given the complexities of orthodontic work, this can be a huge benefit. As they come up with treatment plans, orthodontists need to be able to access their patients’ records. According to, the fact that orthodontists perform such complex dental work for so many different patients means it’s not uncommon for them to work from home after hours. Switching to a cloud-based platform makes it easier to do so.

Collaborate With Other Care Providers

With a cloud-based system, any authorized dental or medical care provider can access the patient’s records, making it easier to collaborate with other team members. Cloud-based practice management software can thus be viewed as a cost-effective way to improve patients’ continuity of care. Providers can access patient records and communicate about upcoming procedures via secure channels.

HIPAA-Compliant Data Storage and Security

Working with a company like Cloud 9 Software that provides services exclusively to dental and medical practices means there will be no need to worry about data security. Specialized platforms designed with orthodontists’ needs in mind always use features like encryption, two-factor authentication, and frequent data backups to ensure compliance with HIPAA standards. The orthodontic practices that use HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software don’t have to worry about unauthorized access, information losses, and potentially damaging data breaches.

Save On IT Services

When orthodontic practices make the switch to cloud-based software solutions, they can say goodbye to on-site server maintenance and expensive IT services. All of the information is hosted on the cloud, which means it’s up to the software provider to keep everything up to date. From security patches to data backups, they’ll take care of all the network maintenance. Administrators can click for info about how that will impact their IT requirements.

Get Ready to Make the Switch

Orthodontic practices have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making the switch to a cloud-based software solution. Just be sure to do some research first. Orthodontists need to find vendors that are willing to sign business associate agreements and provide assurances of data privacy and security, so not just any software solution will work. Take the time to vet potential vendors, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what security protocols they have in place.


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