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Swimage Automation Greatly Facilitates Cloud Repatriation For Companies

Swimage Automation Greatly Facilitates Cloud Repatriation For Companies

March 13
18:43 2023

Naperville, IL – Swimage, the leader in endpoint management solutions, today announced its highly advanced cloud repatriation automated software processes.

Cloud computing has become a popular choice for businesses looking to take advantage of its scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. However, just because it’s a common strategy, doesn’t mean it’s being executed correctly. Some businesses are neglecting to plan for a cloud exit strategy as they transition to the cloud, which can lead to negative consequences such as prolonged downtime, decreased productivity, and even data loss if they need to alter their cloud strategy or provider.

According to InfoWorlds’s David Linthicum “2023 could be the year of public cloud repatriation.”

Raymond Panko, Professor of IT Management at the University of Hawaii says, “Cloud repatriation ensures that mission-critical data remains secure and compliant, while providing organizations with the flexibility to access and manage it according to their needs.”

A well-tested exit plan using automated provisioning can help make the procedure smoother, more efficient, and less risky. Automatic provisioning is the key to maximize efforts and deliver predictable outcomes. Automatic provisioning differs from legacy system imaging as it will produce a clean copy of the operating system and its patches, clean installs of the applications and the desired patch level, and configuration of the current security policies. This is opposed to cloning or restoring snapshots which doesn’t guarantee the current desired state. An advanced provisioning tool like Swimage will also restore data and system preferences for a complete build of a desired state.

Swimage offers the most sophisticated, hardware-independent provisioning tool on the market, purposely built for these types of situations. Many organizations use Swimage today for zero-touch, auto provisioning of whole lab environments initiated with a single click. This allows organizations the on-demand ability to move their workloads and data back to a more secure or compliant environment, or to take advantage of improved performance or cost savings. For the purpose of cloud repatriation and testing cloud exit strategies, the speed of getting all targeted systems to the desired operating state is crucial, and Swimage accomplishes this in under an hour vs days or weeks with other methods.

Leveraging Swimage can make cloud repatriation a seamless process and reduce the burden related to cloud exit strategies. It provides a great vehicle for supporting workload portability and, consequently, a well-tested, validated, out-of-the-box cloud exit strategy.

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About Swimage

Swimage has been in business for over 25 years, specializing in end-to-end automation for PC lifecycle processes – including OS migrations, deployments, repairs, continuity, compliance, and health.  Swimage has been deployed on millions of PCs in 85 countries with efficiency, simplicity, and security.  Swimage provides a comprehensive PC recovery solution which completely rebuilds an entire organization’s PCs in minutes. Swimage can ensure business continuity and be a critical piece of disaster recovery plans. With Swimage, you can minimize downtime and recover your entire organization without adding additional IT staff.

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