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Passionate about Whole-Person Wellness, Pro-Aging, and Mental Health, Dr. Arlene Strugar Delivers Cutting-Edge, Paradigm-shifting Behavior Tools for Behavioral Change in Esthetics and Beauty Industry

Passionate about Whole-Person Wellness, Pro-Aging, and Mental Health, Dr. Arlene Strugar Delivers Cutting-Edge, Paradigm-shifting Behavior Tools for Behavioral Change in Esthetics and Beauty Industry

March 16
07:52 2023

Dr. Arlene Strugar Delivers Cutting-Edge, Paradigm-shifting Behavior Tools and Research for Promoting Whole-Person and Behavioral Change in Esthetics, Wellness, and Spa; State Director for Miss Earth USA for OR, WA, and CO


Dr. Arlene Strugar, Founder, Innovator, and Principal Researcher at Healuxe and Braingsytics, has recently spoken at the International Esthetics and Cosmetics Conference, IECSC, in NY. She has delivered a cutting-edge advanced workshop entitled How to Promote Yourself as a Trusted Skin, Wellness, Cosmetic Professional Using the Whole-Person Consultation Approach.


Dr. Strugar said her research and workshop opened a new level, simple to incorporate, and much-needed mindset and behavioral change approaches. Imagine that you understand this Whole-Person Consultation approach as an Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Beauty or Spa professional: Will this change your conversations with your clients during the consultation? Will you be offering different, more results-oriented products and services? Will you be regarded as a trusted expert who impacts your client’s motivation, behavioral change, and overall wellness?


The Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa professionals must understand and apply the Whole-Person Wellness approach across their client’s journey and experiences: Client consultation, client retention, and client loyalty. It means that we need to embrace the paradigm shift! The paradigm shift is “In Wellness, Everything is Connected!”. Without this understanding, beauty, cosmetics, and skin professionals will be missing a big piece of their service to their clients. It cannot support its clients’ desire for life-changing goals, including wellness.

Applying the “whole-person” wellness approach in your practice and business will position you as your community’s trusted and allied wellness professional. Better whole-person approaches and conversations will drive more clients and engagements.

After consumer and provider research, Dr. Strugar has finally launched her evidence-based courses and dynamic coaching services to help clients, professionals, and providers. “This is an exciting part of my career, as I can combine my love for research, Psychology, Behavioral Change, Wellness, Nutrition, and Holistic Esthetics!”, said Dr. Strugar.


These effective whole-person wellness consultations can help improve client consultations and effective product and service recommendations. It can also help your client comply with your recommended regimen and initiate an effective behavioral change. In addition, it may increase referrals from wellness and medical professionals and improve client retention overall.

On other fronts, Dr. Strugar was appointed State Director for Miss Earth USA’s official preliminaries for Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. She is passionate about bringing out the best in a person. As a Sports Psychologist, Coach, and Certified Mental Toughness Trainer, she believes that Miss Earth USA promotes a healthy competition that embraces a growth mindset and encourages candidates to embrace who they are, their passion for helping the pressing environment and global issues, and overall well-being. State competitions for Oregon (August 26, 2023), Washington (August 5, 2023), and Colorado (August 12, 2023) are posted at To apply, go to

Lastly, Dr. Strugar is the CEO and Co-founder of the non-profit Naturelle Well Earth Foundation, which promotes five pillars: mental health, positivity, mentorship, well-being, and pro-aging. The organization is now accepting applications for its second annual Ms. Naturelle Ambasadorhip on July 22, 2023, in Oregon. Naturelle Ambassadors are community leaders passionate about promoting the organization’s five pillars thru education, awareness, and community service. Their first mental health symposium in Colorado Springs will be on May 20, 2023, with an impressive panel of mental health and well-being experts. All events are posted on Leaders of Naturelle Well Earth include Grace Morris, Co-founder and COO; Bianca Morris, CMO; Josie Harrison, CFO; and state directors Irene Madden, Ms. Naturelle Universe and Grand Naturelle 2022, Monet Sadiarin, Ms. Naturelle International 2022, and Maria Landry, Ms. Naturelle World 2022, and Ms. Tourism International 2022. Applications are now open for Ms. Naturelle Ambasadors 2023.

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